When you invest in binary options, whatever your fancy maybe, you often find yourself in an inner debate of sorts – should I or shouldn’t I? Am I reading this information right? Will my investment pay off?

Other times, the decision is easy enough and practically makes itself for you.

A binary options investment in the ABB Group might very well be closer to the latter, rather than the former.

With over 150,000 employees all over the world and yearly revenue exceeding $40 billion to go along with listings in the New York, London, Stockholm, Zurich and Frankfurt stock exchanges ABB Group is a company that is on as solid footing as you may find, now, that is not to say that you should buy blindly into ABB binary options, but it should certainly merit inclusion in your portfolio.

Formally speaking, ABB has only existed for about 25 years, and was established with the 1988 merger of ASEA and Brown, Boveri & Cie (also known as BBC), but its roots go as far back as the 19th century, when ASEA was formed in Sweden and BBC followed suit some 8 years later.

The Swedish company dealt mostly in electricity manufacturing and the industry immediately surrounding it whereas the Swiss manufactured parts for the same industries including turbines, motors, generators and other equipment.

The result of the merger was a company that has since proven to be quite the unstoppable force in several key areas, chief among them is the building and maintenance of electrical grids, but ABB also maintains a few other divisions to handle other areas of expertise.

A partial list of the areas in which ABB excels at include electric motors, Industrial robots, circuit breakers, as well as automation systems for large scale power grids.

In short – ABB might very well be a global “one stop shop” for anyone seeking to find solutions for electrical issues or lay groundwork for anything from residential buildings to massive power plants and the network that connects the two.

Competition for ABB is fierce in some areas and includes other massive conglomerates such as Siemens and General Electric constantly on the heels of the Swedish/Swiss giant, which is attempting to maintain its hold by purchasing other companies in countries it does not yet have a foothold in, making its global footprint larger with each passing year.

As with many other international conglomerates that invest in multiple fields, pin pointing something specific for you to be on the lookout for prior to a binary options investment can be a little troublesome, as the company seeks to base itself in multiple fields it diversifies its holdings, but that very same process causes it to be open to risk from a greater number of competitors in addition to raising its own exposure due to the financial risk involved.

But, having said all that, a future investment in ABB binary options should not be out of the question for you, whatever your usual fancy is, just make sure you don’t let all that power go to your head!