We generally consider being a champion, #1, the best in the world, the biggest as the benchmark of quality and success, we’re taught to strive for the top, and the same applies to the business world, but at some point, a company and an individual must accept the fact that while they may not be the biggest or best, there is no shame in being lower down assuming you can still turn a profit and be successful in your actions and investments.

You will likely do very well to adopt such an attitude into your binary options trading – you may fail at times, but if you’re managing to turn a profit and be successful, you don’t need to be successful 100% of the time.

Approaching its 30th year in existence, ACER may never be able to leapfrog its competition in terms of sales or size (though one should never say “never”), but it is making enough money to continue developing itself and employ thousands of people throughout the world.

Depending on how you look at sales figures, Acer is somewhere between 4th and 2nd in personal computer sales in the global market, but the company, which was established in 1976 does not market computers alone, it also manufactures televisions, mobile phones and many other computer related peripherals.

Early on, Acer focused on the production of computer chips and micro-processors for Apple products and clones, before shifting their focus to the emerging IBM and compatibles market in the early 80’s.

By 1985 Acer had expanded to the US market by opening headquarters in California, expansion there continues at a slower pace even these days, in recent years the company has overhauled existing facilities and has opened a massive center in Texas that handles much of its activity in northern America.

With the computer market in a state of general decline in recent years Acer was forced to announce in late 2011 that it would be cutting its product line by a whopping 60% within the year, and also began a process of reducing its employee numbers worldwide in an effort to achieve greater profitability in difficult times, departures began at the very top of the company, as both the president of the company and the CEO resigned, and the company’s new president/CEO Jason chen proclaimed that the company would venture into new and exciting markets within the next couple of years in its continued pursuit of profits and growth.

Some of those products came in the form of simply diversifying its existing line of laptops, tablets and notebooks. Instead of developing a line of computers for a single operating system, Acer now ships out products with a variety of systems, from Chrome OS, through Linux and all the way to its adapted version of Android, with several other systems in between for variety’s sake.

Sales and profits should be key indicators for you as you consider trading Acer binary options, but you should also pay close attention to the entire computing market, as trends that impact one company can have rapid impact for others down the line.

Acer seems to be well secure in its position, as should you if you trade smartly and act swiftly, with computer like precision.