Adidas’s story could easily be mistaken for a Grimm brother’s fairytale, or at least its beginnings could, and while we’re not sure how much of a fairytale ending the story will have, we can say without question that its current status is that of great success.

Brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler were the sons of a worker in a shoe factory in a small town just north of Nuremberg, Germany, upon returning home after the 1st World War, Adolf (or Adi) founded his own shoe company in his mother’s wash room, a couple of years later he was joined by his brother, like any good origin story, their beginnings were extremely humble, so humble in fact that due to the town’s unreliable electrical supply they often operated their gear with stationary bicycle.

They got their first glimpse at success at the 1936 Olympics when Adi managed to convince sprinter Jesse Owens to use the shoes they had produced, in essence giving him the first ever sponsorship for a black athlete.

Owens’s success at the Olympics made the brothers a success story, with athletes from all corners of the globe wanting to get a pair of their shoes, their formerly humble business quickly became a leader in shoe manufacturing, producing in excess of 200,000 shoes per year leading up to the 2nd world war.

The reasons for the brothers splitting during World War 2 are somewhat unclear, with some claiming it was all down to a misunderstanding that occurred during an allies bombing their town with Rudolf believing that his brother was the reason he was arrested temperately by allied forces, but not long after the war ended the brother ended their joint company, with Adi forming the company now known as Adidas while Rudolf went on to establish the company that later became Puma.

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The rivalry did not have a good ending, as the brothers stayed apart from each other until their death, and even today are buried on opposite ends of the same cemetery.

Adidas’s story, while successful as a whole, is not without its points of controversy, one such point was the purchase of the company by French businessman Bernard Tapie in 1989, while the amount (1.6 Billion French francs) was not taken lightly, Tapie had a reputation for buying out companies in financial distress, streamlining them and then selling them for a profit, but the purchase of Adidas was a major stumbling block, as Tapie was unable to repay the loan he took out in order to purchase Adidas, initially being bought out by Credit Lyonnais bank and eventually by Robert Louis-Dreyfus.

The Tapie affair left a sour note not only in Adidas’s mouth but with many other companies he was involved with, and as it turns out – with good reason. As he was sentenced to a prison term in 1997 and has multiple other legal actions outstanding against him.

To this day, Adidas continues to be a leader and innovator in the field of shoes and sports apparel; they introduced the first ever production shoe that contained a microprocessor to aid in creating a perfectly comfortable fit to the runner’s foot.

Adidas has sponsorship agreements with multiple sporting stars, clubs and entire leagues, with the NBA, New York Yankees and Tennis star Andy Murray being some of the more notable endorsements.

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