There are quite a few constants in the business world, things that are considered to be practically “force majeure”, but it is sometimes difficult to find parallels to those same principles elsewhere in life, one of the few areas that has grown to be more like the business world is the sports world, where efficiency and success are paramount factors in determining your current and future success, much in the same way that studying your market can yield profitable results, studying your opponent can lead to great results on the pitch.

And if your heart is set on trading some sports related binary options, you need not look any further than A.F.C Ajax binary options, a club that has yielded great results on the pitch throughout its existence can surely lead your portfolio to bigger and better things in your financial future.

In recent years world football has been taken over by a number of highly profitable teams and leagues, most notably the Spanish and English leagues and, to some lesser extent the German and Italian leagues. Teams from those leagues are hugely funded, attract the best players around and as a near direct result provide the best results (for the most part), but as any long term football fan may tell you – prior to the last 10-15 years of Spanish/English/Italian/German domination teams from other countries also had a great share of the winning pie, and while those teams and nations may have not been able to attract the same amounts of money and sponsors, they are still teams and nations with a long standing tradition of winning, chief among them is the Dutch league and possibly its most well respected team – A.F.C Ajax.

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Named after the legendary Greek hero, Ajax was founded in 1900 and is one of three clubs to never be relegated from the top Dutch football league.

Over the course of its illustrious history Ajax has won some 33 Eredivisie titles to go along with 18 KNVB cups and 4 European cups/champions league trophies and a host of other international cups & titles.

But perhaps the reason you’re interested in Ajax as a possible binary options investment is the club’s finances and possible profits you can turn when trading on them. Ajax holds the distinction of being the only club side in the Netherlands to have gone through with an IPO (as of this writing) with their 1998 issue on the Euronext stock exchange, while the move has often come under attack from various supporters and financial experts the club remains active on the market.

The Dutch league is considered to have a somewhat lower quality of competition, as evidenced by the fact that 3 teams (Ajax, PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord) have split 18 of the last 20 league titles, but while this may make for a lackluster league, it makes things somewhat easier for you as a binary options trader.

Since financial success for football clubs is often expressed by how well they do in competition, having lesser competition equates to a greater chance at success. Imagine if you will a binary option trade in which you had 2 variables instead of 10 or 12 and you’ll see how much easier the road gets for the premier Dutch football club.