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TickTackTrade Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate yourself with success with TickTackTrade!

Become a part of the binary options world by teaming up with TickTackTrade! Email us at: Affiliates@ticktacktrade.com and become an affiliate today!

Global markets have always been volatile and easily excitable, but it would seem that recent times have also turned investors sour on old-fashioned markets and trading modes causing an extreme rise in the popularity of binary options trading, well established traders are joining complete novices in taking the plunge into the world of binary options, where the rewards are great, the pace is quick and the risk – easily managed.

TickTackTrade is now opening its doors and allowing you a shortcut into this fast paced world of exciting trades. With our Affiliate program you can now get great rewards with low risks.

Our main goal when approaching the design of the binary options trading platform was to appeal primarily to traders of all shapes, sizes and varieties, from novice investor to savvy trader the TickTackTrade platform has everything one might need, even if one did not know they needed it! Taking lessons from one of the most basic computing principles we also aimed to give the platform the KISS treatment – making the platform easy to open and trade with little to no prior training or preparation.

TickTackTrade also aims to put the fun back in functionality – we are well aware that a main cause for the increase in the volume of people trading binary options can be attributed to just how superbly flexible they are – Select from a wide variety of binary options being offered – from precious commodities, through always volatile currency pairings and indices all the way to stocks for some of the biggest companies in the world, mix those options with an assortment of trade options and contract durations ranging from seconds to months and you get a recipe for success that any trader can recreate easily!

TickTackTrade likes to think of itself as somewhat of a chef within the binary options world – we always aim to use the freshest ideas and ingredients, leading the way instead of following in someone else’s footsteps – any potential customers you may have are sure to quickly see this, they’ll see tools and options on TickTackTrade’s platform that they have not seen before or elsewhere instantly setting us apart from any competitors.

Affiliating yourself with TickTackTrade puts you on an immediate path to success, with an inside track. We will give you the most polished, adaptable, robust, appealing product possible greatly increasing the odds of prospective customers becoming prosperous referrals.

Our affiliate program includes some of the following “perks” and features:

  • A visually attractive platform – the one thing that can turn potential into success in the binary options world, TickTackTrade’s platform was planned with potential customers in mind, anyone can easily survey the features and see how well thought out the platform is.
  • Strong marketing tools – Not only is our platform itself attractive, we back it up with an assortment of banners, widgets, videos and other tools to better market the TickTackTrade product, we’ll give you the tools you need, all that’s left for you is making the sale!
  • Support – The best systems can sometimes malfunction, and despite our best efforts both you and your customers can be left with unanswered questions after browsing through the site, which is why TickTackTrade’s support staff is reachable by email or phone, 24/7, and as one of our affiliates we will assign you an account manager to take care of any questions or concerns.
  • The broadest analytics possible – We don’t just say “real time” we mean it. Get up to the second statistics using our tools, gain a better understanding of your traffic and clicks and convert that into better sales figures.
  • Receive your payouts with great consistency – TickTackTrade offers an assortment of payout options, together, we can structure one that will work best for you, and your business and once its set, payouts will be one less thing for you to worry about.
  • An ever-growing Community – TickTackTrade has built a solid and durable community just to support traders, this community can be used for leverage and can help you produce and maintain sales.
  • No Risk, No Cost – TickTackTrade’s program and the multiple additions on offer are completely free of charge to any of our affiliates.

Email us at: Affiliates@ticktacktrade.com to join today!

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