If you need insurance, for whatever reason, there’s a very reasonable chance you’ll get that insurance with Allianz, or one of its many subsidiaries, such is its size and control over the global insurance market.

Founded in Berlin in 1890 Allianz has been selling various insurance products for over a century, it began by selling accident and marine insurance, quickly growing and expanding into selling corporate insurance policies, it was the first company to offer policies on machine breakdowns.

At the beginning of the 20th century Allianz expanded into other European countries and later all over the globe, with an emphasis on the US as they perceived it as an emerging market which could be highly profitable.

Expansion continued throughout the 20’s and 30’s, to the point where just before the start of World War 2, Allianz employed more than 24,000 people following a series of mergers in previous years.

Around this time, Allianz also began diversifying itself by purchasing a number of banks and using them as further catalysts for its growth.

The growth was significantly slowed by World War 2, where Allianz’s headquarters in Berlin were decimated by allied bombing runs, a few years after the war; Allianz shifted their headquarters to Munich which was now a part of West Germany, soon after, Allianz resumed operations and established offices in Austria and France to be followed by other countries within a few years.

Decades came and went and Allianz continued to expand into various markets, by this point it was doing so primarily by buying out other banks and insurance firms and simply taking them under its ever increasing wing.

At present, Allianz has one form or another of operations in over 70 countries, with over 180,000 employees, it is the largest insurance company in the world, serving over 76 million customers, and was ranked the 25th largest company in the world by Forbes magazine in 2013.

In what can best be described as a conscientious move Allianz helped establish a foundation which enabled holocaust survivors and their kin reclaim some of the assets and insurance policies they had with Allianz during the regime of the 3rd Reich, this, after a large study concluded that Allianz members and indeed, the entire company extensively cooperated with the regime from the early 30’s all the way through to its collapse.

In recent times Allianz has also worked to raise its public profile by associating itself with sports teams, being a sponsor of Formula 1 since 2000, and buying name rights to various sports arenas throughout the world, most famously the Allianz arena in Munich which opened in 2005.

You could probably imagine what might go into trading Allianz binary options, such a massive financially driven company – one must pay attention to any earnings reports, any purchase or sale of a subsidiary will likely impact the pricing as will other factors, however, being the multinational giant that it is one also should take into account Global financial moves and events, with offices the world over, potential risks can come from anywhere.

An interesting anecdote from Allianz’s early expansion into the US claims the company was nearly bankrupt by the great earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco, and while this is highly unlikely to happen again, you should be mindful of global financial events that may impact Allianz.

Having said all that, Allianz is big enough of a company that you can be fairly certain will be a safe Binary options investment in the future, play it right, and you may even require their services to insure your profits!