A “one stop shop” for everything that is what Amazon is in its most basic description. From a new book to a kindle you can read it on, from a new movie to a new home entertainment system you can watch it on, or maybe you prefer clothes, or jewelry or supplies for your upcoming camping trip? Whatever you need, odds are – Amazon has it in stock.

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Amazon was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and went online in 1995; initially operating out of Bezos’s own garage in Bellevue, Washington, Amazon now employs over 130,000 people in various worldwide locations.

Initially visualized as an online bookstore, Amazon quickly branched out to sale cd’s, dvd’s and video games as well.

Bezos’s business model was initially controversial, as he did not predict the company turning a profit for 4-5 years, which most investors balked at, however, when the dot com bubble burst in the late 90’s and early 2000’s amazon survived the implosion and turned its first profit in late 2001, and from there, it became virtually synonymous with online shopping.

In recent years Amazon has kept expanding through various channels, both on the technological front and on the business side, the launch of its Kindle e-book in 2007 helped change the way a lot of us read books, and in recent years it has also made strides into streaming videos as well as tablets and most recently, mobile phones.

On the business side, Amazon continues to expand to more countries, currently housing customer support & delivery centers in a dozen countries with more being added nearly every year.

As with many other tech related conglomerates movement in Amazon’s prices tends to be tied into major announcements about various topics, from the obvious earnings reports and stock related issues, all the way through to product releases or company purchases and customer opinions about related issues.

Amazon has had some items of concern in the past with regards to public opinion issues, specifically over employees in its massive fulfilment centers and more recently issues over its pricing of e-books with Hachette, one of the largest publishers in the world.

Trading in Amazon binary options can mostly be categorized into one of two major groups – first and foremost is trading around various company announcements – where traders would be wise to educate themselves on the upcoming nature of the announcement, if it is financial in nature, one would be wise to have a look at the current market status of Amazon’s shares and the indicators around it, preparing for either the increase or decrease in its prices and trading accordingly.

The second type of announcement to usually come out of Amazon’s offices relates to various products – the launch of a new kindle, a new tablet or a new phone will very likely cause a shift in prices, the direction of which will usually be determined by the reviews and reception for the product and the amount of expected sales.

The other major type of trading to revolve around Amazon would be its every day operations, while these periods may have lower volume of trades and less liquidity; they also provide a solid option of trade without much risk for great pitfalls.

Amazon size at present times is such that it can, and most likely will, continue to grow and establish a hold on online trade, and with that being the case, if you decide to trade in Amazon binary options, the next thing you might purchase off of the online giant’s website might be a wallet to house all of your extra earnings.