Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak & Ronald Wayne, the Cupertino based company is quite possibly one of the most well-known brands in the in world.

Why, you might even be reading these very words on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook, but did you know that trading on binary options on apple can be very profitable for you?

After being established, apple began producing computer systems, after suffering some early setbacks in the early 80’s they recovered well with the very first Macintosh in 1984, apple was on the forefront of the home computing revolution.

Following some internal conflicts Jobs famously quit the company in 1985, and while Apple continued to do well, it became clear in the 90’s that it had lost its creative vision and direction.

Jobs was brought back to the company in mid-1997 and soon after began working alongside designer Jonathan Ive to improve apple product’s look on both internal and external levels.

The work Jobs and Ive did would come to fruition in the form of quite a few products, from the famous first iMac, to apple’s new operating system – OS X and eventually to the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The 2007 launch of the iPhone marked an all-time high price for Apple shares at $97.8, a few months later the stock would cross the $100 threshold.

Apple is generally considered one of the better traded companies, so why would binary options be any different? But while generally considered to be a solid enough investment there are a few indicators one should heed when trading apple options.

As with any company providing primarily products for market consumption, Apple’s prices going up or down depends primarily on their various products, product launches and reception by the public.

While factors such as economic growth (or decline) and social/regional politics may affect each individual’s income, thusly, affecting that individual’s consumption of high-end luxury products such as mobile phones or tablets, apple’s pricing relies quite heavily on the success or failure of their devices.

If you wish to trade apple binary options you will need to be attentive to any number of key factors such as product launches and rumors, for both Apple itself and its competitors (Samsung, HTC, LG to name a few) as a successful launch for a rival may impact apple’s own price, usually causing it to decline, where as a successful launch by Apple itself, such as with the recent iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus (10 million units sold within its first weekend on the market) will almost always result in a rise in prices.

While apple is always traded, if you wish to experiment with trading on it within a relatively active window, a good idea might very well be to keep your ears on various tech related publications for information regarding upcoming products or systems and read up on their reception by various experts in the industry, once you’ve formed your opinion on the level of success you can expect from a certain product, you should next wait for the period just before, during or after its launch.

Those periods will likely have great movements in markets as people react to the news of just what it is the boys from Cupertino have produced and to the number of people lined up outside their stores (the New York 5th avenue store has been known to have campers weeks in advance).

If you have done your research and you believe the launch or “launch window” will be a successful one, you should consider betting on the price of apple binary options rising, as a good launch will inevitably push the options that way.

And, if you played your cards right, you might even read our next article on your shiny new iPhone!