The irony of naming a life insurance company after the word “life” is not lost upon us, but we find the irony to be somewhat endearing, or at the very least, not as sarcastic as some.

Trading in Aviva binary options can certainly breathe fresh life into your portfolio, or at the very least get you to some much needed profits.

While Aviva itself was not formed until the year 2000, but can trace its ancestry all the way back to the 17th century and the formation of “hand in hand fire & life insurance society”, making it one of the oldest insurance companies in existence, though that is by sheer force of history, not survivability.

Aviva’s real “parents” were Norwich Union and CGU plc and the resulting company was initially called CGNU until a name change in 2002 took place and the company was re-branded as Aviva.

Following the re branding Aviva embarked upon a purchasing campaign that included several smaller insurance brands across the UK and select other countries in an effort to establish a stronger, more profitable base and also to increase the amount of services offered by the company, purchases included RAC for $1.1 Billion, AmerUs for £2.8 billion and other businesses in Australia.

The AmerUs purchase was of major importance as it gave Aviva a foothold within the American market at a time in which it was in a state of continual growth, though that purchase would be spun-off within a few years, as it was sold to Athene Holding in late 2012.

Aviva has established itself as the largest general insurer in the UK within a space of a decade, and currently holds assets in excess of £240 billion from their holdings as well as 31 million customers within the UK alone, but the company is also keeping their business in a state of expansion, mostly by developing assets and purchases in south east Asia and china, in addition to maintaining its current business in Canada.

Success as a life insurance company is really dependent upon retention of business and the margin of profit, if a company can be successful in doing so, it can remain profitable and in recent years Aviva has managed to stay extremely profitable to the tune of over £2 billion in 2013.

If you choose to make Aviva your next binary options investment you should probably keep a close eye on their profit margin, any impact to the bottom line will undoubtedly impact stock prices greatly, and as a result, cause movements, follow those movements and you will profit greatly from life (insurance).