They often say that in life imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that may very well also apply to the business world and in turn to binary option trading.

Some people or companies take certain ideas and modify them to reach a new crowd, which often works for various reasons, but sometimes, in life and in business you find dozens of ideas being used in a single place, none of them original and yet success is near immediate and immense, which just goes to show that sometimes, you don’t have to be original, you just have to have a target audience willing to consume what your company is offering.

Baidu is perhaps one of the better examples for lack of originality being met with resounding success due to an unexploited market, and if you trade Baidu binary options you may also encounter such success.

Incorporated in the year 2000, Baidu is somewhat difficult to describe as it has many areas of operation, it is one part search engine, a-la google, one part online encyclopedia like Wikipedia but also provides email services, a news site and ISP services within china, to western eyes, Baidu is an amalgamation of Yahoo, google, Wikipedia, Gmail and other community based sites, all rolled into one.

As we mentioned earlier, having a crowd for your product is always important in the business world, and Baidu had a potential crowd of nearly 1 billion people seeking their content.

The internet in general and internet based companies in China have had a somewhat troubled past, it has often been claimed that the Chinese government actively censors sites such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and many others and also monitors traffic to and from those sites as a means of spying on citizens.

There was room within the Chinese internet community for a site actively dedicated to Chinese people and their interests and that’s where Baidu came into the frame, it helped fill the void left by some sites by dedicating itself to the growing Chinese market and has reaped many rewards as result, Baidu is currently ranked as the 5th most visited website in the world by, found within its engine are over 750 million pages, nearly 100 million images and around 12 million media files, there are also tens of thousands of values within the Baidu “Wikipedia” like site, but that also comes with claims that the site is at least to some degree cooperating with Chinese censorship.

Like a few of its rivals in other parts of the world, a great part of Baidu’s success is now dependent upon its ability to reap income from ads and other, less standard form of content supply, to that end, Baidu has helped create and evolve several product placement techniques on various websites further contributing to its income.

With over 40,000 employees, yearly revenue exceeding $5 billion dollars and a listing on the Nasdaq 100 index, we can hardly be shocked that you’re seeking an investment in Baidu binary options, we can only assume you may have using its services to try and better determine the best possible way of doing so and turning a profit!