As a company you’re in the business of making money, for better or worse.

And while there are many ways to go about making money there is one method that is tried and true, and has been since the beginning of time (or shortly thereafter) – get an exclusive product, market it accordingly, corner the market, make huge profits.

When trading binary options you do not need to corner the market to be successful, you can make profits in any number of ways, but one of those ways, without a doubt is to trade on the fortunes of a company that specializes in a particular market and BAYER AG is just such a company, but can they be a good addition to your binary options portfolio?

Established in 1863 Bayer was, at least in its early years a one trick pony – they marketed a single product – acetylsalicylic acid, which was a modification of existing remedies, all harvested in one form or another from the bark of a willow tree, it took a couple of decades, but by the turn of the 20th century Bayer had achieved a near world-wide patent on the more well-known brand name of that remedy – Aspirin.

While the trademark for aspirin only exists now in a handful of countries Bayer still markets and produces it and many variations of it, however, not long after the beginning of the 20th century the company started producing a drug they titled “Veronal”, which, after a few years of being marketed as a sleeping aid turned out to be a much more effective phenobarbital or anti-seizure medicine, that drug is still in wide circulation in large parts of the globe.

Bayer made another leap forward with the 1930’s discovery of prontosil which turned out to be the first ever commercially viable anti-bacterial drug, paving the way for a major revolution in global medicine, the main Bayer scientist behind the discovery was awarded a Nobel prize in medicine for his work on the drug.

Like a wide variety of German companies, the 2nd World War was a dark period for Bayer AG, while the company itself was taken over by a parent company – IG Farben, it remained whole and largely unchanged, and during the war often practiced slave labor to operate its factories and possibly worse – human testing on prisoners of concentration and extermination camps, Many company executives were sentenced to varying prison terms after the conclusion of the war.

In its present form, Bayer is divided into a few smaller companies and/or subgroups, each with a particular area of expertise – from modern medicine and drug manufacturing, through biological and crop divisions all the way to industrial polymers and even animal care products and medicine.

The company has kept on developing in recent years through a series of purchases and mergers, bringing its employee count over 110,000 world-wide and its total profits to over $2.4 billion in 2012.

Investing in Bayer AG binary options is really a matter of tracking company operations and reports – while the flow of money and income are obviously essential to the company and can cause ups or down, one would also benefit greatly from keeping a watchful eye over the medicinal trademark news, for a company as large and diverse as Bayer, a current or future patent, the resumption or decline of one can have great consequences of the bottom line and can, in due course impact the trading of Bayer AG binary options as well.

So make sure you are medicine free when trading your Bayer binary options so you can make smart, well timed and well thought out decisions.

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