People love talking to each other, that’s a simple fact of life on planet earth.

Another fact of life is that people that want to talk to each other aren’t always close by, enter telecommunications companies with a variety of solutions to that issue.

And just like any other company or industry – there must be a market for there to be profit, so let us assure you, as a prospective Bharti Airtel binary options investor – the market exists, without any shadow of doubt.

When we hear about innovations in a certain field we usually turn to some super power like the US, Germany, Japan or the like, but innovation in the business world can be found in multiple places and Bharti Airtel is a fine example of that within the Telecommunications industry.

While Bharti Airtel was established by Sunil Bharti Mittal in 1995 only, the base of the company goes back to 1983 when Mittal entered into an agreement with German corporation Siemens to market telephones in his native India, marketing began in 1986, and by 1992 the company began offering fax services and machines and cordless phones and was also awarded the license to build India’s first mobile phone network in Delhi.

The rising company quickly expanded by buying out the networks of competitors in other regions of India, the success also led to the company going public in 2002 on India’s stock exchange.

Bharti Airtel’s main innovation has come from its unique business model/strategy that includes outsourcing a great deal of the company’s operations to outside companies – the network is maintained by Nokia/Siemens and Ericson, IT support is provided by IBM and other aspects by a few smaller firms, this strategy was at least partially responsible for Bharti’s ability to remain competitive within the market by lowering prices, which it could afford to do due to the payment agreements it had reached with various service providers.

In recent years the company has also entered and developed its internet and television divisions as an additional source of income, while keeping its place as India’s largest cellular provider with nearly 200 million subscribers, the company has also developed holdings in other countries such as Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka and some African countries and finished laying down an underwater cable connecting it with Singapore and providing it with increased communications ability.

When you’re about to make your binary options investment in Bharti Airtel you will do well to treat the company as one that has a great deal of control in its native land but is not yet a monopoly, which is to say that it does have a strong enough base, as evidenced by over 25,000 employees and nearly $14 billion in revenue, but it has not yet reached a tipping point that will allow it to maintain its success, rather, it would seem that both the company and yourself should treat the present as if it were still in an expansion of sorts, which would mean that it still needs to maintain an attitude that will enable it to grow its user base, no matter the product in question.

As a company that deals in telecommunications, a great deal of its expenditure will be geared towards the network and equipment, while it strives to grow in users and income, keeping an eye on all of those aspects may provide you with a golden opportunity to profit from this Indian giant.