Here at TickTackTrade we provide you with a wide variety of binary option assets to trade on, but before you go ahead and start trading on any of them we would recommend you have a look at our information section, it may help you get a better sense of what makes these options “tick”, after all, the saying that “knowledge is power” is always true, even doubly so in the options world, if you know what an asset is about to do all that’s left for you to do is to invest correctly and wait for the profits, as easy as tick, tack, toe.

Commodity Binary Options

Gold, Oil, Coffee and more, Commodities are always highly in demand as are the options they represent, learn a little more about the products that help the world move.

Forex Binary Options

The Dollar, Pound, Euro & Yen are all currencies, those currencies and quite a few others are traded around the clock and in the ever changing forex options trading world they represent a great way for you to win yet more money!

Indexes Binary Options

perhaps the quickest and safest way to track real financial markets is to trade on those markets instead of assets traded within them, From the DOW in the USA to the Nikkei in Japan Index options offer you a chance at profits, day or night.

Stock Binary Options

From Google to Gazprom, BMW to BP – stocks represent the market worth of certain companies, and those stocks are something you can trade on, and make money off of, from market giants to relative niche companies, stocks are a good way to make a killing on the market.