Trading binary options can be far easier than you may have imagined possible, TickTackTrade is proud to offer you this quick guide, with 7 easy to follow steps to get you started. This guide will       walk you through the basics, and if you have any questions remaining after your done reading – our top notch support staff are standing by!

1. Start by creating your own trading account, registration is free and easy – you no longer need an actual brokerage while trading binary options, you could actually begin trading in less than 5 minutes, Just head over to the TickTackTrade registration page and securely enter your basic information (don’t worry, you can fill in the rest at a later time), once that’s done you can experiment with a free to use demo account or make a deposit to start trading for real!

Just click here to register your TickTackTrade trading account today – free of charge!

2. The first step, once you’re on our binary options trading platform is to select the type of market and asset you wish to trade in, markets include indices, stocks, commodities and currency pairings. The general rule of thumb, at least at first, is to select an asset that is closer to your comfort area, preferably something you are knowledgeable at, if you have previous expertise in the Forex market, that might be a currency pair you fancy, and if you have a better understanding of globally traded asset you may prefer to go after gas or oil binary options – the choice is entirely yours!

3. Once you’ve selected your asset your next order of business is to select the length of the contract itself. The contracts can be as short as a few seconds (in turbo trading mode) or as long as weeks and months (in normal trading mode), most traders operate with contracts lasting no more than a few hours to a couple of days, but once again, you are free to select the option you believe will work best for you.

4. Determining the restrictions of the trade is just one step, while the asset and expiration themselves are very important, they cannot exist without your prediction and analysis, so your next order of business would be to use your knowledge to determine the direction the asset takes before it expires, If you wish to learn more about the basics of conducting your analysis, both technical and fundamental you can TickTackTrade’s E-book which covers this and many other topics.

5. So you have your analysis ready, your asset and direction have been selected and now comes another critical part – selecting the trade type. There are three main trade types on offer here at TickTackTrade: Touch, Above/Below and range. All of those trade types come with fixed returns meaning that if your asset finishes in-the-money your return will usually be between 75% and 81%. A “Touch” trade type requires your asset to arrive at or “touch” a specific price level which has been predetermined, it can do so within 30 seconds of the contract going into effect, or with 5 minutes left, but if it does – you profit! “Range” trades require any asset you select to either stay inside a specified range or go outside of it by the time the contract runs out. “Above/Below” trades are possibly the simplest in concept: they simply require your chosen asset to be above or below the price you bought them at when the trade clock strikes 0.

6. You have now done all the hard parts, all that’s left for you to do is determine just how much you wish to invest in your selected trade, TickTackTrade allows you to start making real money trades for as little as $10 and you can go as high as $1000 in a single trade, and you can have as many trades as you’d like open at any given time. To trade real money you must first deposit funds into your account, which is easily accomplished using a wide variety of payment methods, all of which are available after registration has been completed.

7. And if you thought all of the above was hard you were wrong, because the really hard part comes now – you must wait for your option to expire, which can be anywhere from 15 seconds to a few days, weeks or more, but if you’ve done your work well, and traded wisely you should be rewarded with returns between 75% and 81% when your option finishes in-the-money, and that’s added on to your initial investment! If you have more than one option contract open at any given time, you can easily track all of them by clicking on the “my trades” button.