It is a fact of life in western civilization (some would even say it’s a sad fact) that a lot of what we do in this life is geared towards achieving certain levels in life, or gaining a certain status, because with that status come a few status symbols that essentially let those around us know that we have “arrived”.

There is very little dispute on the fact that owning a BMW vehicle of any sort is a status symbols that lets people know you’ve amassed a certain amount of wealth, wealth which you can achieve at least partly by trading binary options.

Established in 1916 as a result of the restructuring of 3 smaller engine manufacturing companies, BMW was formed initially as a business entity merging those companies, at the end of World War 1 Germany was forbidden from creating aircraft engines as part of the Versailles treaty so BMW shifted its focus from airplane engines to motorcycles followed soon after by automobiles and the first model BMW ever built – the Dixi.

Like most German companies around at the rise of the 3rd Reich, BMW was made to use its expertise in service of the German rearmament campaign, BMW went back to its roots so to speak, and returned to planning and manufacturing airplane engines, including models that were never put into mass production for one of the first jet engines, and a fairly revolutionary axial flow engine, they also developed other prototypes of engines and aircraft but those did not make it off the drawing board prior to the end of World War 2.

BMW found itself in some financial difficulties following the war, and by the late 50’s was in near bankruptcy, it recovered by managing to acquire a small Italian car manufacturer and outfitted its tiny automobiles with modified BMW engines, this allowed the company enough breathing space to proceed with other building plans while aiming to be more efficient to increase profitability.

BMW used the purchase of the Hans Glas company to advance itself in terms of technology in the mid-60’s, firstly rebranding glas automobiles as its own and eventually fully absorbing the company, experts believe this was mostly done to take advantage of the advanced equipment and highly skilled personal that company had, which had provided a few leaps in vehicle engine planning and building.

Another area where BMW is a highly recognizable brand is the field of motor sports in its many forms, since moving to engine production in the 1920’s has had a long standing tradition of leading in both motorcycle races and various automobile races such as Formula 1 and Le Mans

BMW has also maintained a decade’s long tradition of excellence in many fields, something which notably won it the #1 ranking in Forbe’s magazine ranking of most reputable companies.

The company itself is still based in Germany but holds offices in other locations such as South Africa, India and the US.

Totaling sales of over 1.5 million vehicles per year and annual revenue of over 76 Billion Euro as recently as 2012, BMW is likely to be making cars and engines for a long time coming.

Investing in BMW binary options is mostly about paying attention to company based announcements, such as various earnings reports and market results, but one should also be mindful of conditions within the overall auto industry, as innovations may affect BMW’s income in positive or negative ways, depending on its reaction to those innovations.

Trade smartly in BMW binary options and you could soon be headed to your local dealership for one of those fancy status symbols.