Oddly enough, one of the biggest and most successful football clubs in all of Germany was mere minutes away from being disbanded before it could even get a single match underway, and what’s even stranger is the fact that the person seeking to block the team’s formation was a local Dortmund priest.

The issue at hand was the fact that the players seeking to form the team were all part of a local church sponsored group, and when their intentions became known the reverend sought a way of stopping the team from becoming a reality.

Luckily for us as fans of German football and for you as a potential trader of Borussia Dortmund binary options – he failed miserably and the team began playing matches in local leagues.

The team was initially met with limited success and even briefly brushed with bankruptcy, the rise of the 3rd Reich in the early 30’s did not help the team’s cause, the team’s president was even removed from his office after he declined to join the Nazi party.

After going through a period of being disbanded following the 2nd World War the team returned to action in the early 50’s and their fortune quickly began to turn for the better with a first league title arriving in 1956 and a second quickly following suit in 1957.

When the German Bundesliga was established in 1963 Dortmund received an automatic berth as the winners of the previous year’s championship, its 3rd title in 6 years, a first European cup followed in 1966, unfortunately the 70’s and 80’s were far less kind to Dortmund with relegation to lower leagues and financial problems causing the team to lose its place atop German football.

The top of Dortmund’s success came in the mid 90’s when they won their first European champions league cup (before it became known as the UEFA champion’s league).

Dortmund made German football history in 2000, when it became the first team to be publicly traded on the German stock market, with the majority of shareholders (roughly 80%) being the public at large, giving the team and its fans a unique ability to say that the fans, in essence, aid in building and maintaining the team’s financial state, even more so than other publicly traded sports clubs that only offer a smaller fraction of their stocks to the general public.

Germans are known for being very accurate in all facets of life, to the point that it has become a point to often be ridiculed in other parts of the world, but in the binary options market, where you can live & die with the accuracy of the information and timing, we’re sure you can appreciate some old fashioned German like precision, Dortmund’s successes and failures on the pitch are as critical to its future just as much as finances are outside of it, and applying what you’ve learned in other trades may help you become a better trader in this instance.

Sports is often much harder to predict than business, which is where you may come to love the fact that regardless of the level of difficulty you may have in determining the outcome of a football match your binary options trade can have a great outcome no matter the result for your team, and if that team happens to be Borussia Dortmund with all its 100,000 board members, you might be in great hands.