One of the best known sayings is that necessity is the mother of invention, this is very likely true, and various examples of it can be seen throughout history, and in binary options investments such as Caterpillar, the story of Caterpillar is a story born of necessity, the invention it helped create and the billion dollars industry leading company that grew as a result of that very invention.

The farmlands which surrounded Stockton, California were rich and quite soft, which did not bode well for any steam powered tractors that attempted to move or process it in any shape, a great many of the tractors of that era would simply sink into the soil, a local farmer by the name of Benjamin Holt first attempted to resolve the issue by increasing the size of the tires, but those attempts were in vain, as the tractors grew complex and large to the point they became near impossible to maintain.

Holt’s second attempt at resolving the problem involved laying tracks in front of the tractor, but that proved to be time consuming and resulted in failure too, but as the saying goes “third time’s the charm” and his next idea resulted in billions of dollars in revenue since 1904.

Holt bolted wooden tracks to chains and placed those one of his tractors instead of the actual wheels and the idea was declared a winner.

By World War 1 Holt had manufactured and shipped over 1000 tractors to England, France and Russia for agricultural purposes, those tractors, due to their massive size and sturdy construction were highly suitable for military uses as well, mostly for hauling various types or artillery through grounds which was, at times, less than traversable.

While most of the world was quite excited by the end of the war, the same could not be said for holt and his company, they had invested greatly in converting their production into military contracts and upon the conclusion of fighting were left behind the competition, their only ray of light was the fact that their main rival, the Best gas tractor company had to over extend itself to keep up with various government contracts it had been awarded, the companies decided it would be in their best interests to merge and did so in 1925, creating the Caterpillar tractor company.

While most of the US faced the great depression the company used various building contracts throughout the country that were meant to help rebuild the economy to help itself keep growing by supplying various machinery needed for the projects.

Growth and expansion continued on through the 2nd World War and the US building boom that followed it, by 1950 the company had begun expansion to other countries.

In the decades since, Caterpillar continued expansion and diversification any multiple production areas and currently produced anything from agricultural tractors, through mining equipment all the way to military machinery and through licensing – even footwear and clothing lines.

A smart investment in Caterpillar binary options is really all about minding the company’s areas of expertise and the market demand and need for its products, for a company producing so many different items the order total helps the bottom line grow, a bottom line that currently stands at over $65 billion in yearly revenue and keeps over 120,000 worldwide gainfully employed.

If you lay the ground work carefully and follow the tracks, they could lead you directly to a successful investment in Caterpillar binary options!