It is often said that if you have a good idea you should develop it into something good, and that if you don’t have a good idea, well, you’d better get one.

Some people take that advice a little too literally, but sometimes, even ideas that have origins rooted in something that are not exactly legitimate, not to mention outright criminal can take hold and become a billion dollar company.

The case of Cisco (or as it was previously known Cisco Systems) is the latter.

We’re not saying that trading in Cisco binary options would be criminal, it’s actually the exact opposite, but you really ought to know everything about the company in which you’re investing, including its history and Cisco’s history begins with an act that some say is ethically questionable, while others maintain it is criminal.

Cisco systems was founded in 1984 by 3 Stanford university employees, all with ties to the university’s computer sciences program, the 3 continued to work at Stanford despite establishing their company, likely due to the fact that they had no marketable product at that time.

Cisco began developing its first product sometime in 1985, but in 1986 a couple of their founders were forced to resign from their posts at Stanford and the university nearly filed criminal charges against them because it learned that the product that Cisco had been working on was a replica of the university’s router systems and software which was written by another Stanford engineer not affiliated with Cisco, luckily for all involved, a compromise was reached, through which Cisco was licensed to use the design and software in their product.

Cisco managed to make the most of that initial product, while they weren’t the first company to develop routers or dedicated network nodes they were perhaps the first to have a commercially viable product which was able to handle multiple communications protocols at the same time, which made it a sought after product due to the fact that there was no agreed upon protocol at that time.

By 1990 the company had grown to the point where it became publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange with an initial market capitalization of over $200 million.

The adaptability of Cisco’s operating system made it easier for them to stay ahead of the market, while other manufacturers were often forced to construct, market and sell various products as communication protocols evolved and mandated change, Cisco only needed to have a software update issues, and the actual product could handle whatever was thrown at it, amazingly enough, some Cisco products used that method to remain serviceable for over a decade, which is light years in technology time.

With the mid-90’s internet boom, a single internet protocol became widely popular, so the majority of Cisco products were no longer in as high a demand as they’d been, the company adapted to this new situation by quickly moving to produce a variety of products for the individual as well as service providers, within a couple of years its hold on this market became almost absolute, particularly in the business sector where internet service providers used Cisco’s products almost exclusively.

Cisco’s success was so great that at the height of the dot-com bubble it was considered to be the most valuable company in the market, with capitalization of over $500 billion, to this day, throughout the bursting of the bubble and other crises, it has maintained its share of revenue and place near the top of profitable technology based companies, it is also a part of the Dow jones index, and has been since 2009, which further serves as indication of its strength.

Trading in Cisco binary options is really a matter of tracking its future options for development, in recent years it has become more involved in research projects involving the connection of people and areas to the web, as well as mass uploading of previously unconnected data to it, these are massive projects in scale and have many partners, so failure may not have a direct impact on Cisco, but it is assumed that success is vital to its future developments.

A shrewd investor with an eye for technology companies can successfully trade in Cisco binary options and later use their products to relay the good news of his fortune.