If cleanliness is next to godliness, what does $17 billion worth of cleanliness make you?

We’re not about to claim that an investment in Colgate-Palmolive binary options can make you anything close to god-like, but it can lead to better things.

Established over 200 years ago by William Colgate, the company first started producing starch, soap and candles in 1806, but for the first couple of decades in its existence failed to distinguish itself from the variety of competitors it had.

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Change arrived around 1840 when Colgate had the idea of selling “cakes” of soap in several uniform weights according to customer request, after Colgate’s death in 1857 his son Samuel took over the company, He began expanding it by using ideas which, for their time were rather revolutionary, in 1872 Colgate launched their first perfumed soap and followed that up by introducing their first tooth-paste which was sold in jars.

By 1908 the company was producing mass amounts of tooth-paste in tubes similar to the ones we currently use.

While this was going on in New York, B.J Johnson had developed a soap made entirely of Palm oil and olive oil, hence Palmolive (kindly remember that copywriting was not a profession at the time before you mock the name…) in Milwaukee, that soap was quickly becoming the bestselling soap in the world using extensive advertising to establish itself, in 1928 Palmolive purchased Colgate and the newly formed company was dubbed Colgate Palmolive, a name that remains to this day.

Colgate-Palmolive remains one of the largest companies in the world to specialize in personal healthcare products, but it is not without a healthy bit of competition, particularly from its main rival – Procter & Gamble, with the two companies trading virtual and literal jabs over the decades, Colgate Palmolive was an established brand by the time P&G began making its headway in the US and globally, but P&G managed to use their own series of innovations to take control of the #1 spot in the world of personal health products, and as they say in other places – the war rages on…

In a field that depends quite heavily on marketing and market shares, the winner, or at least the company leading the way is often the one to reach market control with their product quicker, and with two mega companies competing for every available space (and a few spaces that aren’t) you might have a bit of trouble choosing the direction in which you invest.

While we cannot say for sure which way is “right”, we could easily point out a couple of issues which you may want to pay attention to: first and foremost, keep an eye out on the companies income reports and market share forecasts – any gains or losses in its war against P&G can have an almost immediate impact on Colgate-Palmolive prices, secondly – any innovations which the company can come up with, may aid it in gaining ground versus P&G which reverts us back to the first item, and lastly – make sure you get some good toothpaste so you can flash your brilliant smile at people that ask you how your recent Colgate-Palmolive binary options investment went.