Of all the binary options being traded, commodities are the only physical asset and tend to represent the heavier industries and operations, the often involve at least some form of hard labor to produce and are prone to impact from sources that normally would not affect other option groups such as weather, labor conditions or global depletion of a certain asset, these assets also represent and impact actual world conditions and products – Oil prices impact the prices for fuel and heating, Coffee is extremely popular the world over, but changing climates in growth zones have left it in a state of declining production, and so on.

Trading commodities in an intelligent fashion can lead to great profits, as most of the assets in question will always be in demand for as long as they’re being supplied, so in essence, the only thing left for you to determine is what you believe the immediate future for the commodity may hold and the size of your investment in the option, after which you can simply relax, and if you’ve read up and used your knowledge correctly – watch your profits rolling in.

GoldBefore the times of the Romans, gold was a symbol of wealth and it has not been tarnished to this day, now you can be wealthy just by trading in Gold binary options.

Silver  – Trading in silver binary options is a smart way to make profits, with its uses in industry and jewlery it is always in need.

CopperCopper has a variety of uses across multiple industries, which makes it a highly traded binary option

CoffeeA popular beverage and valuable commodity, Coffee is a very popular binary option due to its rising global consumption

Crude OilWith a multitude of uses from heating our homes to making our cars run, Oil is a commodity that is always powerful and a binary option that’s always sought after.

Corn – Don’t get lost in the Maize, Invest in Corn binary options.

Sugar – Trading in “white gold” can have a sweet effect on your binary trading account.

Wheat – take your time and invest properly in Wheat binary options and your profits could rise accordingly.

Palladium – real world supply may be short, but if you trade palladium binary options right, the same could not be said of your profitable account.

Soy beans – From China to the US, Soy beans are as popular as any other grain, treat them wisely and they’ll expand your original investment.

Platinum – When you remove all the dirt from Platinum you’ll be left with a solid binary investment.