Consider if you will, the many uses and applications that corn has in our day to day lives: from feeding cattle to feeding us, from making some delicious hard liquor to making fuel that helps run our cars (which we hope you did not drive after drinking that hard liquor) it can even be turned into certain kinds of plastics and as part of the biochemical industry.

With so many possible uses it is no wonder that it’s been in our lives for over 5,000 years (and according to some researchers more than 10,000 years), it is also no great surprise that you are considering making corn binary options your next investment.

Conservative researchers put the earliest human use of corn as far back as 2,500 B.C, while others maintain that there’s evidence supporting uses thousands of years earlier, but most agree on the fact that the earliest people to use corn were the Mayans and Olmec peoples that resided in mid and South America.

When European nations discovered the American continent they began importing corn back, and due to the plant’s adaptability to multiple climates they were able to also grow it in the European climate.

Since that time corn has become a staple of the food and drink industry in a variety of forms, all of which are still present in current times, in fact, when you consider how wide-spread corn is it should come as little surprise that nearly every culture and nation has some form of food based around it as an ingredient.

Over the past few decades, uses for corn have become even more varied when it became apparent it had uses as a cleaner and more efficient form of fuel, but also through genetic engineering we’ve found ways of creating corn that yields more stocks, grows quicker, and perhaps most importantly – is able to withstand harsher climates and even droughts, making it possible to grow in extremely poor countries in Africa, where water is at a very high premium.

With crops growing at an ever increasing rate to help fulfill the demand, it would seem that further expansion is almost unavoidable, in 2013 alone, the top corn producing nations supplied over a billion tons of it, with the US and China alone accounting for half a billion and demand is still rising.

While a greater number of farmers are diverting greater areas to the growth of corn as a result of the demand, but an investment in corn binary options is not entirely risk free.

In the US, corn farmers are extended certain lines of government credit, as the government wants to encourage alternative fuels usage, but while that industry is still in development it has yet to take hold in massive form, and production costs are still higher than those of other, traditional fuels, should that credit decrease or stop for whatever reason, or the price of oil remains consistently low, production may become less worthwhile for those farmers.

Add to that the fact the climates and crop diseases are still a risk that needs to be considered at all times and you get a commodity that is extremely popular but is not entirely secure in its continued future growth.

Take care when you invest in corn binary options and avoid getting lost in the Maize.