When a company gets to be over 120 years in existence we often consider it as simply “there”, that may be true in some cases, however, companies often go through multiple phases of evolution to where they are, and it is not justly that we remember them as being what they currently are.

Daimler AG is a company that has gone through multiple cocoon “phases” if you will but quality and precision have been synonymous with it, and if you invest wisely in Daimler AG binary options profits could be synonymous with yours.

Because the company has had many phases in its existence, it is rather hard to pin point an exact point of origin, but the two main factors behind it were Benz & Company, established in 1883 and Daimler Motoren AG, established in 1890, both companies manufactured automobiles, engines and other mechanical parts for the industry in question, this continued until 1924 when an agreement was reached between the two to unify forces, the agreement took a while to implement, but by 1926 the companies had completed the merger and began manufacturing under the banner you might know – Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz quickly gained a reputation for creating top quality vehicles in every possible way – they were impeccably designed, expertly crafted and were head and shoulders above the competition as far as quality went, but, perhaps as result, were quite expensive, especially upon export to the US and other far away countries, meaning that the main crowds to purchase the vehicles were those who were comfortably well off, but this did not deter the company into changing its path and means of production.

During World War 2 the company gained notoriety for creating some of the best engines around, they manufactured military vehicles; tank & airplane engines and engineers from the company were part of the teams that were entrusted with the creation of the V1 and V2 rockets.

The company began merger procedures with American manufacturer Chrysler in 1997, with the merger being completed in 1998, this was supposed to be a “merger of equals” according to both companies, but investors grew to doubt this upon learning that Chrysler was actually purchasing 92% of Daimler-Benz, company investors even filed a lawsuit against management for misrepresenting the deal, they were eventually awarded over $300 million in a 2003 settlement.

In recent years the company has settled into its own niche of creating mostly luxury vehicles as its main source of income, with a highly prosperous business of creating quality trucks, which are in much wider use than the actual vehicles for which the company has come to be known.

The majority of the company operates from within Germany, with main management and manufacturing being located there, but there are other production centers in a few locations throughout the world, where Daimler AG (as it is now known) employs nearly 275,000 people, that help produce yearly revenue that exceeds $110 billion.

For a company that is heavily reliant on its image of top quality vehicles – perception is key, and current and future income may revolve heavily around the success or failure of the company to maintain that income and perception, this will also have an impact on your future trading Daimler AG binary options – for you to succeed in that endeavor you should keep a close watch on news regarding sales and income and act accordingly, do so at the right times and you’ll be driving your own success!