It can be rather hard to describe companies at times, as some of them get rather large, and through purchases or internal divisions can often be working a multiple items at any given time, in fact, some might say that is how companies survive these days – by diversifying their interests and not relying on a single source of income.

Any company needs to be part of a growing field or an area that is in high demand to maintain profitability, both now and in its future, and if that is the case, Deutsche Telekom have sure found a good branch of technology to be a part of as it seems rather unlikely that both the internet and the entire communications industry will do anything besides growing and multiplying for the foreseeable future, your binary options investment can do the same.

DT has its origins in the 1947 establishment of the German post office after the division of western and eastern Germany, the post office remained a state owned company until 1989 when it was reformed into 3 smaller subdivisions – the postal service, postal bank and communications service, a second reformation in 1995 privatized all three companies, though the German government maintains a certain controlling percentage in all three.

As a near default communications provider for all of Germany, DT enjoyed a great deal of financial expansion after its formation, as one can imagine…

After all, when your potential crowd of customers is nearly 80 million people and you have a near stranglehold on any kind of market, you are very likely to be successful, as was the case here.

DT’s early success enabled it to expand into other countries as a communications provider, with another significant “bump” in business arriving in the mid-late 90’s with the internet boom, once again, because of their near exclusivity on the German market as an internet supplier.

In recent years, DT have also made advances into the mobile market, both in its native Germany and in other countries – they own or have joint ownership in a few European countries, their biggest one being a stake in the UK’s largest mobile network – EE, also having mobile and internet networks in the Czech republic, Romania, and quite possibly its biggest potential market the US where it owns T-Mobile, which is currently the 4th largest mobile network in the US, with over 52 million customers.

DT currently employs over 230,000 people in 50 countries all over the world, and its 2013 revenue was over €60 billion, up from €58 billion the previous year.

If you’re thinking about a binary option to invest in, and the communications industry has caught your eye, Deutsche Telekom is as good an option as any; it has foundations in a few European countries and the US and has been expanding into other markets as it goes.

However, as with any technology based company, you not only have to keep track of its finances, you should also keep tabs on its competition and the market demands for its various products, as shifting demands or competition change in the markets may see have impact on DT bottom line in a hurry.

If you choose Deutsche Telekom as a binary option to invest on you may find yourself in need of one of their phone and internet lines to spread the word about your new found riches.