Wallpaper for the kid’s bedroom, an autographed golf ball, a video game, new sox, a 60 inch TV, a sports car and plenty more, you may think that’s the most bizarre shopping list and you might well be right, but these are also item all available for purchase on Ebay, the site that has become synonymous with online trading.

With an ever growing business base and global expansion plans ongoing, it is no surprise that Ebay is also a very sought after binary option for people to trade in an effort to find a worthy investment, one that is likely to yield profits.

Founded as “Auctionweb” in 1995, Ebay started out as a sort of hobby for its founder and CEO Pierre Omidyar but its growth was phenomenal beyond even his wildest dreams, the company held roughly 250,000 auctions during all of 1996 but by January 1997 that number spiked to around 2,000,000 auctions for that month alone, mostly due to a partnership of sorts with a travel auction company.

By 1998, the company had 30 employees, listed almost half a million active users and had revenues of over 4.5 million dollars, it was also about to go public, and in one of the biggest success stories of the dot-com bubble, its initial target price of $18 per share was all but ignored by the market and the share closed at $53.5 after the first day of trade, turning Omidyar and company President Jeffrey Skoll into instant billionaires

The company continued to expand the products it offered and as the options grew, so did its sales and incomes.

In 1998 ebay made its first significant purchase in iBazar, which was a site similar to Ebay but operating out of Europe, in a move that gave it its first foothold in that continent, another meaningful purchase was made in 2002 when Ebay bought out online payment solution specialist Paypal.

Paypal’s purchase especially gave Ebay another financial boost, allowing it continued growth, to the point where in recent years, Paypal amounts to nearly half of Ebay’s overall income.

Ebay announced in September 2014 that it intends to split with Paypal, and turn the company into another publicly traded company, a move which is expected to take up to a year to fulfill, and one that is sure to impact the way the Ebay binary option is traded.

Despite the upcoming split with Paypal, Ebay is still considered to be one of the greatest success stories of the internet and dot-com eras, currently employing over 33,000 people in over 30 countries and producing over $16 billion in revenue in 2013.

In addition to the aforementioned split with Paypal, there is also another important factor to notice when trading Ebay binary options – the rise of its Chinese counterpart Alibaba, which recently went through the largest IPO in the history of the US market. As Alibaba continues its western expansion, it will likely impact the success and long term income of Ebay itself.

If you’re considering investing in Ebay Binary options, make sure you pay attention to those key factors, and if you do so, you may need to open up an auction (for charity, of course) for some of your added income!