Founding a company is not a simple thing by any means, some people may search for a suitable idea for years, some are never able to find it, and others try to squeeze into an area already drenched with competitors and are soon run out of town (or business).

But in some cases, starting your own company is really about your past life experiences and attempting to translate them into a product or products which you can then sell for profit, if you’re successful in that you’ve got yourself a business to maintain.

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The story of Eli Lilly is of the latter variety, and while we know how it started, we can’t predict just how big it will get to be, much in the same way we cannot predict just how successful your Eli Lilly binary options investment may become if you time it correctly.

A veteran of the US civil war, Colonel Eli Lilly briefly tried his hand in a cotton plantation, but when that venture failed, he returned to Illinois and became partner in a drugstore, while aiming to secure his future by creating a company that wholesales medicinal products.

By 1881, Lilly’s new company had settled into an Indianapolis location suitable for its rate of growth and Lilly also purchased further facilities for research and development of other drugs/medicine.

Lilly’s first order of business was something we now take for granted: he was one of the first within the industry to have labels listing the ingredients of each and every medicine produced by the company, “ethical drugs” it was called at the time.

Lilly was the first to coat pills and capsules with gelatin, making them less obvious to taste and easier to swallow, which was a major innovation for the time, When Lilly’s son graduated as a pharmaceutical chemist from college he joined the company, he also aided in developing one of the company’s biggest sellers – a drug to treat venereal disease, profits from the sales of which went into further expansion of the company’s R&D division, which proved to be vital in the 20th century.

The company continued to grow, and became an industry leader not only in sales, but with the modernization of its production facilities and processes.

But perhaps the biggest step in advancing the company came in the early 1920’s when it contacted three Toronto based scientists who were developing Insulin – a cure for diabetes, The Lilly Company came to terms with them, and became the first company to mass produce a cure for diabetes, which won the scientists a noble prize, and brought about great prosperity for the company.

The company has maintained its growth in the decades that followed since, using inventions and innovations, and an ever growing investment in research and development of cures to keep up profits.

Amongst its main advances, the company lists drugs to cure or treat anything from simple infections, through heart conditions and medicine for various kinds of cancer and HIV.

In recent years, the company has exceeded yearly revenues of $23 billion a year, with a net income nearing $5 billion; the company has also made recent purchases of other pharmaceutical companies to help maintain its research and development capabilities as it heads to the future.

An investment in Eli Lilly binary options is an investment in the assumption it will be able to keep up with demands for its products while expanding future drug developments to profitable degrees.

As we’re sure you realize, success can be a bit like a drug, but if you’re going to be successful with Lilly binary options, it’s a good drug…