1 Billion Active users…think about that for a moment if you will.

1 in 7 of the world’s population is active on facebook in one way or another.

The sheer numbers of active users makes facebook a prime investment option, as the company figures to have continued domination within the social media field.

Established in 2004, facebook was initially used as a school directory of sorts for students of Harvard University, it very quickly expanded to include students of other Boston area colleges and soon after began including Ivy League schools such as Yale, Brown and even non Ivy schools such as Stanford.

In recent years, facebook has become a financial and technological empire of sorts, competing with Google, Apple and others, purchasing such companies as whatsapp, Instagram and others to assist in its growth and to further its technological development.

Facebook became a publically traded company in 2012, reaching a peak market capitalization of over $104 billion.

Odds are that if you’re reading this, you’re one of those 1 billion active users, so we won’t bore you with extensive rambling about what facebook does, but we would like to make sure you know how you can use facebook for something other than exciting new links to cat videos, namely – turning a profit.

Successfully binary trading in facebook binary options is mostly about being savvy within the technologies market, as most moves that effect facebook’s own value will occur within that area of the market.

As with most public companies, any time near or around earnings reports, purchase of an external company or even press events, all can be used to leverage market moves in your favor, and market moves WILL happen on those (as well as many other) occasions.

While impact from technologies mainly affects Facebook prices, due to its large user base and worldwide popularity it is also open for effects from various political & economic events that would normally not have an affect smaller websites.

During the 2011-2012 in the period now dubbed “the Arab spring”, Facebook (and other social networks) was used as a means to set meetings and spread information about happenings to the outside world, so much so that some governments went as far as actually blocking all access to facebook, which naturally affected its traffic dramatically, causing worry about prices.

Facebook has also come under a few attacks in regards to its privacy policies and various ad driven campaigns which users believe have become more intrusive as time wears on.

All of the above is simply to point out the fact that one has quite a few factors that need to be “read” in order to have a successful history of trading in the Facebook binary option, however, its sheer size and continued expansion also provide great opportunities for investment and growth.

Facebook traditionally holds 1-2 public events per year, during which they announce various innovations and changes to the site, periods around those events tend to be quite active in terms of trades, as speculation runs wild across various technology sites as to the exact nature of upcoming announcements.

The perceptive investor will keep their ear to the ground during this period of activity and use the news to their favor – moves that are expected to bring in more revenue will assuredly cause a rise in prices, whereas moves that are expected to affect users will tend to, at least initially, negatively impact prices, while users adjust to the new feature or content.

It may require a degree of patience and relative understanding of the technologies market, but if you trade smartly in Facebook binary options, you’ll have many people “liking” your profits, and you can decide if you want to “share” them.