We’d like to start today by asking all of you a very simple question: what do Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Ferrari, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati and RAM trucks have in common?


They’re all automobile companies owned by the same corporation – FIAT Chrysler, which up until a couple of years ago was simply known as FIAT (or Fiat S.P.A if you’re really into the full formal name).

Combined, all of those companies are the 7th largest automobile company in the world in terms of production volume and the 2nd largest in Europe, responsible for the production of over 4 million units a year, the employment of over 200,000 people in various worldwide locations, revenue in excess of €83 billion and if you make smart choices – you future success in FIAT binary options.

Established 1899, FIAT did not receive its name until 1906 quickly grew to become Italy’s largest automotive company a position it has retained since 1910, over a century ago.

Though importing FIAT to the US proved to be too expensive (cars cost more than 5 times as much as their Ford counterparts) Fiat continued to expand in Italy and the rest of Europe, by 1925 they had cornered nearly 90% of the Italian car market.

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The 2nd World War forced Fiat to nationalize the entirety of their Italian production sites, which were then converted to produce military machinery ranging from airplane engines to lightly armored vehicles, following the war the company’s founders were removed from ownership due to its ties to Mussolini’s government, their control of the company was not returned until the mid-60’s.

Following their return to power within Fiat the Agnelli family began Fiat’s biggest expansion ventures, in a span of 4 years they divided the company into more independent sub-divisions, one for Industrial trucks & tractors and the other for more commercial passenger cars, the company also purchased Autobianchi in 1967 followed shortly after by controlling interests in both Lancia and Ferrari in 1969 while also having shares in Alitalia and various other enterprises, making Fiat one of the largest Italian conglomerates if not the largest.

2009 brought about the next big shift in the Italian giant’s evolution – the American car maker Chrysler had encountered severe difficulties and had already filed for bankruptcy was in desperate need of investors, and fiat purchased 20% of Chrysler’s shares, the deal essentially allowed fiat better US access for all its brands and gave Chrysler their much needed lifeline.

Within a few years of their initial purchase, Fiat had completed their buyout of other party’s shares in Chrysler, making them the whole owner of the company.

It would seem logical that Fiat continues to grow in the coming years, the recently completed assimilation of Chrysler only enhances their presence in the US market, giving the company what was likely the missing piece in their global puzzle.

Further advances in market shares would seem to be the key to Fiat’s success in the future, so you would do wisely to stay in tune with sales numbers in various locations for their larger brands, and if you do so, your Investment in Fiat binary options may lead you to better travels (via car) in the future.