Money makes the world go around, or so the saying goes.

Well, we’re to tell you that it would seem that particular saying is accurate. While most of us may use our money for such “trivial” matters as paying the bills, buying groceries or getting ourselves that nice little “something” we’ve been wanting recently, currencies make finances the world over move, or more accurately the strength of certain currencies helps moves markets.

When trading in Forex (currency) binary options you will most commonly come across currency pairs, where trading is impacted by movements in either side of the pairing, if the US Dollar grows strong, the Euro may lose steam in that particular pairing, but if the GBP happens to be devalued for any reason the Euro may see its strength increase in that pairing.

Currencies are traded all over the world, at nearly every hours of the day you are more than likely to find a currency pairing that represents an active market and opportunities for you as a savvy options trader to claim a handsome amount of profit, yes, sometimes you can even turn money into MORE money, and do so with relative ease.

EUR/USD – Europe and the USA have great financial ties, so it makes sense that trading binary options on the currency pairing pitting both would have great potential.

GBP/USD – Perhaps the very first currency pair to be traded the Pound and Dollar continue to represent a great choice in binary option trading.

USD/CAD – These two nations trade endlessly with each other, so the impact on the pairing is easy to see, as is the impact on anyone trading this pairing!

USD/CHF – the CHF is the currency of choice for times of trouble, the USD is the most widely traded currency, pairing the two can only result in success.

USD/JPY – Taking the two most powerful currencies in the world and pitting them in the same pairing can only lead to one thing – Profits!

GBP/JPY – Two of the largest financial markets are represented in this currency pair, which could explain why it is one of the most volatile and potentially the most profitable pair to trade!

 EUR/JPY – Relative predictability on one side, volatility on the other, this currency pairing is a dream for the knowledgeable trader.

EUR/GBP – Close neighbors in every sense of the word, these currencies make perfect sense to trade and profit on.

 AUD/USD – If you trade this pairing successfully you won’t need to mine for profits, you’ll be holding all the green in your hands.

NZD/USD – Avoid the sour taste of the Kiwi fruit, trade smartly in NZD/USD binary options and your portfolio will be as rare as the Kiwi bird!

USD/RUB – The only cold war after your successful trades will be during debates on how to better spend your profits!

USD/NOK – Two vastly different economies make for an interesting pairing, one that can lead to great profits if traded well.

USD/SEK – Invest well in this pairing and you can slowly build a great portfolio, just as you would a piece of IKEA furniture.

Bitcoin/USD – The currency may be digital but the profits you can gain from trading its binary options are not!