icon_numb_1 Before you will start trading, please make sure you’ve
logged in (https://www.ticktacktrade.com/ )
or registered (https://www.ticktacktrade.com/registration) to the site.

icon_numb_2 After logging in, click on the “Trade room” at the top left of the site.

icon_numb_3 Trading room has 2 modes: Standard and Turbo.
Standard – has long terms trades that can last days and weeks,
while Turbo mode – has short term trades, lasting 15 seconds to 5 minutes.


icon_numb_4 The Trade room contains 3 main areas:

1 area: Home – located on the left hand side of the trade room.
It contains 4 main Standard trading asset categories: Currencies, Commodities, Stocks and Indices.
Once you click on one of the main categories it reveals the sub-categories, for example, under “Commodities” you can find Gold, while under “Currencies” you can find US Forex and EU Forex amongst the categories.

2 area: Deal – located on the middle of the trade room.
In this area you need to choose the direction of the asset: “Rise / Fall” or “Touch / No touch” options, based on “Strike level” or “Graph”.
The “Expire” – shows you the expiry time which counts back to 0.
In “Graph”, you have an option to change a preview (Standard, line, candle, area).


On the upper right side of the “Graph”, you can modify the selected view to include or exclude a graph showing the performance of the selected asset.


3 area: Trade Basket – located on the right side of the trading room.
In this area you can see your selected trades. If you’re satisfied with your selection, enter the amount you wish to stake on the trade and then click on “Trade now”. If a change is needed, you have an option to click on the small ”x” just above the asset name select, and you will remove only one selected asset or to “clear all” selected assets.
Just above your trade basket you can select how you wish to view the odds on your trade (return only, fractional, decimal, moneyline or simple).


Just below your trade basket you can see a brief summary of your trades, both open and closed.
You can get a more detailed summary of past transactions by hovering with your mouse pointer over the “traderoom” on the top left, and then clicking on “past expiries” from the drop down menu.


Standard Summary:
1- Choose an asset.
2- Choose a direction.
3- Place a stake.
4- Click on “Trade now”.

icon_numb_5 5) There are some subtle differences between trading Standard and Turbo modes:
Turbo Summary:
In the Turbo mode, you’ll see a long list of all assets currently available for turbo trades.
1- Choose an asset.
2- Choose one of the possible timeframes for the contract.

3- Choose above or below the rate displayed.
4- Adjust the stake.
5- Click “Trade now” to place your trade.