We’re taught as children that being good, being first and playing well with others are all important, and that if we manage to do these things we will be successful in whatever we chose to do.

It turns out, that our parents don’t always tell us the truth or at least that the truth they told us does not really apply to the business world, otherwise, how might we explain the case of HTC?

HTC was the first company to produce touchscreen phones, the first to produce a smartphone built around the android platform, first to build a smartphone with windows mobile and windows phone, first 4G phone available in the US, and yet somehow, with all of those innovations in hand, it still only holds about 3% of the global market for smartphones and its shares have dropped over 90% in value over the past 3 years.

But as you may know, the mere fact that a company is in decline does not mean that 1 – it’ll stay in decline, and 2 – that it can’t bear some investment fruit, actually, in binary options trading it might be easier to make a profit on a declining binary option like HTC than it is to predict what a rising one might do.

Founded in 1997 primarily as a notebook computer manufacturer HTC quickly evolved its main focus into creating touch based devices, primarily mobile phones, in the year 2000 they launched a pair of devices for HP and Palm, both with touchscreen capabilities.

While it has not always been on the cutting edge of technologies since, it has often been awarded various prizes for design and quality of the phones it produces; however, quality does not seem to equal sales in this specific case.

Increased popularity of products made by Samsung and Apple have severely cut back on HTC’s profits, most notably in the US market, where it has struggled to establish itself as a player, and holds under 10% of the market share compared to over 20% for both of its main competitors, even sparkling reviews for their two most recent devices: the HTC One and HTC One (M8) did not make a serious dent in their recovery efforts, notable actor Robert Downey Jr. was even recruited to aid in various PR campaigns as HTC’s ambassador, but the company remains on the outside looking at Apple and Samsung and hoping for more success in the future.

It sound a little funny to joke at the expense of a company with 2013 revenue exceeding $6.5 billion, but HTC’s bottom line revealed a net income of -$4.4 million.

And this is where you might come in, while normal investors may be calling for mass firings of company executives, you know full well that as a trader of HTC binary options their recent misfortune at the market can serve you well if you’re smart about it.

Be mindful of HTC’s own internal reports, such as sales predictions and income reports, but also be on the lookout for Apple and Samsung advances that may affect HTC, remember that the company’s main focus in recent years was the US market, and success or failure in that market can be directly connected, quite quickly, to any movement in prices.

A good binary options trader is always on the go, always mobile and always in touch, so those are 3 things you already share with HTC, now, how about you go teach them something about being profitable?