The closest simile to actual binary option trading can probably be found in trading various indexes binary options around the world.

From the Dow and NASDAQ to the FTSE, DAX and Nikkei and many others, TickTackTrade is now offering you the chance to mimic the actions of massive stock markets from all over the globe, in essence allowing you to track real world markets and their behavior and make profits by trading options on those markets.

Perhaps the biggest issue to overcome when trading binary options is the understanding that at least some of the options may not behave in an identical fashion to the actual assets they represent, that difficulty is lessened with Indices to a certain extent as indexes can only really fluctuate in one of two directions, and while they are impacted by the rise or fall of assets within the markets they represent, they do not normally have greater levels of reverberation.

For example: the DOW may be impacted by the rise of IBM stocks and rise accordingly, with the binary option sure to follow, but usually, that’s where the impact ends, whereas Oil for example may require attention not only to its actual price, but to many other factors that go into determining that price.

NASDAQ CompositeOver 3,000 companies can be found on this market, and it is often considered to be the most powerful market in the world, Binary options on this market can be your success story.

DOW JonesThe 30 largest and most impactful companies form the most recognizable financial index in the world, trading in binary options on it can have an impact on you.

Nikkei 225 –  Smart binary options investments in the Nikkei can help turn this volatile market into your profit machine.

S&P 500 – Tracking the 500 largest companies in the US is hard, trade well on S&P 500 binary options and tracking your success will be easy.

Bovespa – Football is not the only good thing to come out of Brazil, Invest smartly in Bovespa binary options and your portfolio to the list!

DAX – Be as accurate as the Germans have a reputation for being – turn profits like clockwork by investing in DAX/MDAX binary options.

IBEX 35 – Don’t be caught in financial collapse, trade IBEX 35 binary options now.

Nasdaq 100 Future – You don’t need to predict the future, just make a smart investment, futures profits will take care of themselves!

Kospi – The Kospi index and South Korea are proof that thinking big is often enough, you can do the same with smart binary options investments.

FTSE MIB – Italy’s economy is as old as man’s desire to make a profit, trade carefully in the Italian Index and you could soon join the tradition.

Tel Aviv 25 – Israel may be small in territory, but is large in productivity, and its leading index can lead you to bigger things.