It is the brunt of many jokes in recent years with movies and TV shows dedicating anything from one line jokes to entire episodes revolving around the premise of customer support and customer care centers being located in the Far East and India, the joke usually revolves around language barriers and under-staffing, not to forget the usually excessive holding times and incomprehensible automated call routing and the humor practically writes itself, but a company that employs nearly 160,000 worldwide and enjoys yearly revenue in excess of $8 billion is no laughing matter, we assure you.

Established in 1981, Infosys is essentially a services provider in a variety of fields, it has been credited/blamed (depending on who you’re talking to) with developing the modern model of the call center as most of us know it, but it also deals in other, wide-ranging fields such as software engineering, business consulting and various information technologies, and yes, outsourcing services too.

The company was founded on an extremely low initial budget, but used the accrued knowledge of its founders and their connections with other companies to secure a few contracts early on that insured the company’s long term viability, and from there, the road to success was a little easier.

Within 12 years of being founded, the company made its first IPO, a sure sign it was on the right track towards success.

With customers and centers being quickly developed in a multitude of countries, Infosys made the decision to have another listing on the US Nasdaq stock exchange in 1999, at the height of the tech bubble of the late 90’s. Interestingly enough, the company fared better than most other tech based companies did when the bubble burst a couple of years later, possibly because it provided services to other companies, while developing specific products themselves, but also due to the fact that the bubble effected was limited mostly to countries who’s technology industries was mostly geared towards the high tech side, and India’s was simply not there yet.

As a service and software provider for the most part Infosys is reliant on the ability of other corporations to supply it with the work it needs, and that may be the biggest factor you must consider when making a binary options investment in Infosys.

While it may be India’s 5th largest publicly owned company, and while it continues to make massive investments in its own future by constantly adding and diversifying itself and also by developing future technologies in one of the many education campuses it has built it will always be dependent on others as its main source of income.

So while it may be harder than usual to nail down a valid source of income, keep in mind that its global reach provides it with an incredibly wide variety of opportunities to come up with new income avenues to aid in future growth and maintain its income.

Investing smartly in Infosys binary options is no laughing matter, in fact, the only joke here may be at the expense of those that fail to do so at the opportune time.