Until society comes up with a new and better system, money will always be needed, and when money is needed for most of our day to day lives, we will, eventually, need somewhere to put it. And when we have money, we often use it to buy things…from food and other day to day items all the way to great big things like cars and houses, but when we buy those things, we begin, as is human nature to worry about those things – we want them to be kept safe, and if that fails, we want to be refunded for the loss.

For the first item we have banks, for the 2nd we created insurance companies, so you can imagine that successfully combining the two would likely be a very profitable venture and if ING Group is your measuring stick, you might well be right, but if you can’t directly trade in ING Groep stocks, do the next best thing – trade in ING Groep binary options and you may be able to replicate the same success.

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As a financial entity, the ING Group can trace its origins to mid-19th century Netherlands when a pair of insurance companies formed in the country, the two companies were developing their own brands through a variety of purchases across the globe until 1963 when they merged and created Nationale-Nederlanden, the resulting firm continued its growth in the following decades with little resistance within its homeland.

While this was happening, the Dutch government decided to create a new bank that would encourage residents to deposit their savings, the bank remained in government ownership until its privatization in 1986, shortly after that privatization, Postbank N.V merged with NMB bank and inside of two years, the new entity merged with the previously mentioned Nationale-Nederlanden to create ING Group.

ING proceeded to grow its international business by purchasing a multitude of companies, both in the insurance business and in banking, and over the last couple of decades has become so diversified that it has holdings in countries ranging from China and Australia to Turkey and the US, with multiple spots in between, over 85,000 people are employed in a wide variety of locations, and they all contribute to growing the group’s business, which stood at a whopping €42 billion of revenue at last count.

Changes in the group’s structure were necessitated by the 2008 global financial crisis, but it seems to have recovered nicely and continues upon its path of growth.

While investing in ING group binary options may not be as complex as you might think, it does require certain points of attention – while not strictly functioning as a bank per se, the group’s “bottom line” is of great importance to the stock’s prices so any upcoming reports should cause a rise in activity and fluctuation in prices for you to use. In addition to that, you might be best served by monitoring any news about the group’s growth process – further purchases or sales due to efficiency have been known to impact binary options in a hurry, and ING Group is no different.

We can’t insure your investment in ING Group binary options, nor do we act as a bank, but trading smartly can result in your need for one or the other…