Here’s a riddle for all of you: What do you get when you combine over 20 banks and investment firms, some with histories spanning 200 years into one large entity?

The answer? You get the largest US bank in terms of assets under management, nearly $100 Billion in revenue, over 250,000 employees financial an investment beast and the chance for a very solid binary option investment.

That is the very essence of JP Morgan Chase, which was established as a result of the merger between J.P Morgan & Co and Chase Manhattan Corporation in the year 2000.

The current structure of the company started taking shape throughout the first decade of the millennium when several smaller banks began merging with each other; between those were Bank One, Bear Strearns, and Washington Mutual, in addition to the aforementioned larger banks.

The roots of all of these banks goes back as early as 1799 (Bank of Manhattan company) which goes to show that most of the foundations of these institutes are quite well established, having gone through a multitude of difficulties over the years.

Like many other banks in the US JP Morgan Chase has seen its fair share of troubles over the past decade, most of which were related to the global financial crisis that erupted in 2008, unlike other banks its sheer size and amount of assets made it somewhat easier for it to survive and weather the storm which caused others banks to collapse or seek financial aid for the government, but other scandals seem to hound it at almost every turn.

It has been charged with anything from offering mortgages that violated several state laws and essentially caused the US housing collapse in 2008, which was one of the factors most contributing to the global economic crisis, to improper hiring practices in its China branch meant to promote connections with the local government and all the way to the now famous Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme.

And while all of this might sound like negative press (which it mostly is) it should not be a deterrent against making your binary options investment in the company, in fact, consider this, if you will – throughout all of those (and quite a few more) scandals the bank has managed to keep a hold on most of assets, and while fines in the billions affect its bottom line, it is still a highly prosperous business, which has quite a few merits for you to consider.

When approaching an investment in JP Morgan Chase binary options, here are some of the things you may wish to consider, and that may affect its prices – first and foremost, as with any other bank or investment company, you should always consider the bank’s bottom line, any impact on the profits either in present or future will surely have an immediate effect on prices, stock reports will surely have a similar impact, but perhaps the most interesting unrelated issue that you should be mindful of is the results of any given investigation into the bank, at present there are quite a few of these in various steps of advance, and their conclusion will likely impact pricing, the direction is obviously dependent on the outcome.

You can rest easy for now; investments on JP Morgan Chase binary options are just like any other, and like the bank itself: good for your future if you avoid scandals!