Most experts agree that the original birthplace of football is somewhere in South America, where ancient people played a very similar game for centuries, the modern game, for the most part has been credited as being formed in England, but if you speak to any full blooded Italian they will put up a formidable fight on that topic, as far as Italian fans go, Football was born, lives and will die in Italy.

And if you mention Italian football you really can’t begin the conversation without speaking about Juventus F.C very early on.

If you, as a binary options trader are planning on trading Juventus F.C binary options, you may need some background information on the team known affectionately as “the old lady”.

Dubbed “the old lady” by fans due to being one of the first football clubs to be formed in Italy, Juventus was founded in 1897 and has been a part of Italy’s top flight league, the Serie A ever since, with one exception being the 2006-2007 season when the team was relegated to Serie B after becoming involved in a match fixing scandal.

Juventus’s history of success is unmatched in Italian football history and has very few equals in world football history, over the years; the club has won 30 Italian championships, 9 Italian Cups 2 European cups 2 super cups and 2 intercontinental cups, a title list few clubs even come close to matching.

But prestige aside, Juventus also happens to be a highly evolved and successful business venture, which is exactly why you’re interested in possibly purchasing some binary options of the famed club, and with yearly revenue exceeding €300 million that’s hardly a shock.

Juventus became a Joint stock company in 1967 and in 2001 started it’s listing on the Borsa Italiana, while the Agenlli family, which has been owners of the club since 1923 with some family members acting as team presidents throughout the years maintain a majority of the club shares, with just under 64% of the shares, with an additional 7.5% being owned by a Libyan investment group (which was formally owned by one of Muammar Gaddafi’s sons), but the rest is up for public hold and is in a state of flux.

Like most other football clubs, the direction Juventus stock prices take, and as a result the direction of the binary options take depend on a few, relatively easy to predict factors – income and expenditure are obviously important as they are to all companies, but they can be gained in slightly different ways when sports teams are being traded, rather than a bank or other type of company – team’s incomes are derived from ticket and merchandise sales, as well as broadcast rights and sponsorships and the main causes for expenditure are usually player purchases and salaries and ground renovation and building.

Football team’s won-lost record acts, for the most part, as its portfolio, which is quite understandable – when a team loses a match or a player that is important to it, the portfolio is likely to lose worth, but if the team happens to be headed for a championship, and has secured the services of a new promising star the outlook instantly turns brighter and can very easily be taken advantage of.

So keep in tune with the latest Juventus F.C news and happenings in the world of sports, as they may greatly affect the fortunes of Juventus F.C binary options and the amount of affection you have for “the old lady”.