Most of us, at one point or another in our adult, employed life have sought a better job, one that pays better, or is better suited to our qualifications, alternatively, we sought help from people we know in order to help us along that professional path to advancement, at times, we were successful, able to find a connection, something that let us get the proverbial “foot in the door”.

But what if we could possibly expand that network of well-wishers and enablers to practically everyone we’d ever known in our professional life? What if the people those people know could help us out in some way?

It is often said that in business, as in life “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” which is really another way of saying quid-pro-quo, and that is the primary purpose of LinkedIn – making business connections for the present as well as the future – you advance my career and one day down the line, perhaps I’ll be in a position to do the same for you.

Launched in 2003 the site quickly grew as networks of contacts began joining, by 2006 the site listed 20 million users, a number that has inflated all the way to over 250 million users by the end of 2013, making LinkedIn one of the fastest growing social networks, alongside Facebook, and a binary option investment for those interested in a rapidly growing business.

By May of 2011 the company had grown to the point where it was ready to make its IPO, but it’s highly doubtful that even its founders and loudest advocates could have predicted such a meteoric rise in the stock’s price, launched at $45 a share, by the end of the first day’s trading it had closed at $94.25, or 109 percent above the initial price.

This was viewed by market experts as an extreme vote of confidence in LinkedIn’s future growth and expansion, an expansion and growth that anyone investor can profit from, even via purchase of LinkedIn binary options.

Later in 2011, LinkedIn further cemented its profitability and future when it had surpassed Twitter in income from advertising on the site, which is viewed as a key feature that any site that wishes to have a future must invest heavily in.

Since job hunting and career advancement are not likely to disappear anytime soon, similarly to how ambitions are here to stay, it is rather safe to assume the a site like LinkedIn which specializes in business connections is also with us for the foreseeable future, Forbes magazine seems to agree, as they have stated in the past that “LinkedIn is the most advantageous social tool available to job seekers and professionals”.

Keep that in mind when you approach a trade in LinkedIn binary options, as the future does seem bright for it, however, like most online businesses you should also closely follow their advertising revenue, new and unique user figures and, naturally their revenue and net income.

If you invest smartly you could be on LinkedIn shortly, making connections for your future investments.