There’s a saying in the sports world – success breeds success, that saying can also easily be applied to trading binary options where you can take multiple paths to your end goal, but more often than not, if you trade carefully and strategically you will end up making a profit, much in the same way that if you play the game of football by studying your opponent’s weakness and take advantage of the best opportunities to strike – you will likely be rewarded with a win.

And if it’s true, and success does breed more of the same, then its rather easy to see why Manchester United has few rivals atop the list of most successful football clubs in the world, after all, it has more league titles than any other club, is tied for the most league cups and has consistently been on top of most European competition it has entered, winning the European cup 3 times.

And as you may know, success in one area often gets your appetite whet for more and for bigger and better in a multitude of other fields, including some that are not directly related to football.

Sports clubs as a whole have long since relied on their owners and contributors to help keep them afloat and provide a steady cash flow to enable anything from pitch improvements to new player signings, in the past, those owners would often maintain a total and complete stranglehold over the club, as they would in a privately owned company, passed on through generations, but changes to the world economy and to the economy of sports in the last few decades have necessitated a need for bigger avenues of investment as teams struggle to keep up with various costs related to being a top flight club.

And so clubs often find themselves stuck with the “curse” of being successful which is not unlike the old chicken & egg proverb – to be successful you must invest money, but to have money you must be successful, and the problem only becomes more apparent if your aim is to STAY successful.

For the majority of its 137 years in existence Manchester United have been privately owned, first by the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway and later by local Manchester businessmen John Henry Davies and, following his death – James W. Gibson, through various ownership changes the club experienced varying levels of success, but the growing need to keep its finances up led to the club’s first public offering on the London stock exchange in 1991, the club withstood a few power struggles throughout the 90’s and in May of 2005 the majority of its shares were bought by US investor Malcolm Glazer, but growing debt in fan mistrust of the Glazer family led to the need for another IPO, that took place on the NYSE in August of 2012.

Manchester united is believed to be one the richest sports club in the world in more ways than one – it is currently valued at $2.3 billion at least, with yearly revenue exceeding €400 million.

Unlike other publicly traded companies, the direction a football club’s binary options take can be assessed with relative ease – there’s no need to wait for quarterly or yearly reports to gauge movements, you can usually gauge those on a weekly basis, based on how well or poorly the team does, add news of player purchases or sales, fan support and other avenues which serve to increase income (sponsorships etc.) and you’ve got a recipe for success in trading.

The business of Manchester united is an extremely successful one, and if you trade Manchester United Binary options you may find yourself headed for the top of the table, just like the reds.