We’re very used to thinking in a certain way – if we hear about some brand new innovation that is about to revolutionize a certain field, we naturally assume that because the product is new, the company that is about to produce it is also a fresh and young upstart of a company. That may be true in some areas, most notably – computing and technology, where innovation often comes from ideas previously unexplored.

But there are many other industries, and some of those industries require years upon years of experimentation, trial and error and usually, that comes with a sizable wallet to back up long term investments from going bankrupt mid-way through the process.

It may come as a surprise, or it may not, to learn that one of the companies being given credit with multiple breakthroughs in medicine in the last couple of decades, most notably in the field of oncology is Merck, a company that has, in one form or another, been in existence since the late 17th century, making it the world’s longest operating pharmaceutical and chemical company, and potentially a very good place to start your next binary options trade.

The company was established in 1668 when a local Darmstadt apothecary named Friedrich Jacob Merck took control over a pharmacy and began using it to produce his own medicine and potions; in 1827 the company was able to mass produce certain alkaloids in lab conditions which provided the company a massive spring forwards in both reputation and income.

Near the end of the 19th century, the company expanded to the growing US market with a variety of products, and while they encountered early success there, it was short lived, as the company’s assets were seized after the first world war, while the US branch is no longer directly affiliated with the original company, it is still very much in operation, and employs over 85,000 people.

While Merck’s main focus since its establishment has always been pharmacy, medicine and to somewhat lesser extent chemicals for various uses, in recent times it has had an additional, somewhat surprising source of income – Liquid crystals, the kinds used in flat screen TV’s and monitors, where the company has a global market share of over 60% and is widely considered to be the unheralded champion of the technology most of us have been using over the past decade.

Trading in Merck binary options can be done successfully using a variety of methods, and with great outcomes, but regardless of the path you choose to take towards your success, you would be best served keeping a close watch on the company’s income from various areas, such as the previously discussed Liquid crystals (LCD), as technologies emerge, they may harm Merck’s income from that side of business, which will in turn have a poor effect on its stock’s prices, the same can be said for the marketing of various medicine and chemicals – income and the bottom line are always critical to any financial enterprise, even when it’s one that has been around for over 3 centuries.

Making smart investments in Merck binary options can result in your living a long and prosperous life, without any need for medicines they make.