Have any of you ever worn track suits, shoes, sunglasses by blue ribbon sports? Have you donned your team’s jersey with the ever present blue ribbon sports logo?                                                                                                                                     Do you remember all those famous athletes in that TV ad, talking about how much Blue ribbon products help their game? No? really?

Would you like to trade some Blue ribbon sports binary options?

Ok, well how about Nike, do you remember all of the above now?

When most of us think of Nike, we think of some famous athlete, be it Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan or Tiger woods wearing one item (or more) of the Nike brand, from shoes to hats, track suits to swimwear Nike produces it all, and so much more.

But in addition to having all those athletes indorse their products NIKE is also an extremely large company, with production, marketing and sales activity in all corners of the globe, and if that is not impressive enough, and you require further proof of just how much a staple of the American economy Nike is, look no further than the Dow Jones index, to which Nike was added in late 2013, further cementing its elite status within the market.

Nike was established as the aforementioned “Blue ribbon sports” in 1964 and became the Nike we’re all familiar with 7 years later.

Nike originally operated as in importer of Japanese shoes into the US, launching its first store location in Santa Monica about 2 years after forming, with more stores following soon after, Nike finally expanded to the east coast around 1967.

In 1971, as their partnership with the Japanese show company they’d been importing was about to conclude, Nike was in the process of launching their very own line of shoes, the first of which will also bear the now well known “swoosh” Nike logo.

The brand name and sales began to grow throughout the decade, and by 1980, Nike had sized control over 50% of the athletic shoe market, oddly enough, all of this came without the now immortal slogan of “Just do it”, that phrase was not coined until 1988.

Throughout its existence Nike has purchased quite a few apparel and footwear companies, and companies that produced other athletic gear, most famously Converse, Bauer Hockey, Starter and Umbro.

There is little doubt that the Nike brand is one of the most famous on earth, in fact, it was #21 in Forbes magazine’s recent list of most valuable brands, at this point in its history, Nike makes it a point to have quite a few sponsorship deals, be it with individual athletes, teams or even entire leagues, not to mention the fact that it helps create equipment for quite a few sports, from football to cricket and even into less well defined areas such as skateboarding, which has allowed Nike to seize somewhat of a hold on youths, no matter where they are.

When considering the purchase of Nike Binary options one should probably concentrate mostly on the company itself, income, total revenue and production costs are all factors of extreme importance, as they are with any large company, however, by becoming such a well-known brand name Nike has put itself in a somewhat unique position of being affected by the gain or loss of sponsorships, for example, with last year’s sponsorship of the entire NFL, it was believed that Nike stood to gain over $350 million in profits for that league alone.

Which bring us to the last point one must be on the lookout for when trading Nike Binary options – Public relations.

Nike has had its fair share of scandals, from Asian sweatshops, allegations of child labor and underpayment of employees, not to mention athletes being in some sort of legal trouble, which can cause the company to sever ties with them, while these cases may not seem that important, you should consider that every such event can affect the way the public views Nike, and therefor effect the prices of Nike Binary options.

Consider all of those things when you trade in Nike Binary options and you’ll be running towards success and profits in no time!