Yes, we’ve all heard the tales, stories, myths and legends about just how thrifty scots are supposed to be, and without taking a position on the validity of such tales, we would just like to point out that even the most frugal of nations and people should probably have a solid place where they can store all their hard earned, never spent money, should they not?

While RBS binary options can be bought and sold for a few years now, the RBS itself has been in existence for nearly 300 years, making it one of the oldest banking corporations existing.

As is often the case in business, one company’s loss is another’s gain, and when the Bank of Scotland, Which predates RBS by over 30 years, was deemed to be raising funds for a Jacobite revolt, RBS was created, to provide the crown a financial foothold in Scotland, which had only become a part of Great Britain 20 years earlier.

Unlike many banks, especially at that time, RBS quickly sought to differentiate itself from other by offering services that might not be available elsewhere, or if they were, offer them at better rates; one such modification has long since become a staple of modern banking – the overdraft, which was basically invented by RBS in May of 1728.

Competition between the two Scottish banks was fierce in those early years, with RBS taking what some would claim to be were underhanded tactics in its attempts to drive the Bank of Scotland out of business, those attempts failed, and the banks reached an amicable solution by the early 1730’s.

Expansion came slow at first, with the first branch outside of Edinburgh only being opened after 50 odd years of operation and expansion into other parts of the British Empire taking an additional century, mostly due to resistance from English banks that frowned upon what they deemed as encroachment on their business territory, an agreement was reached to prevent branch openings outside of London, while English banks agreed to encroach in Scottish banking territory, the agreement held for nearly a century, until the 1960’s, but RBS continued to expand by purchasing smaller banks and banking firms and effectively managing them while simply keeping titles and names.

The 1969 purchase of the national commercial bank of Scotland effectively turned the RBS into the largest bank In Scotland, a position it has maintained since that time.

While the Royal Bank of Scotland is a large enough bank, it is part of a larger business entity known as the RBS group, which only furthers its control of the banking market within the UK and in other places.

Trading in RBS binary options is not unlike trading in binary options for most other major banks – since banks are really all about the bottom line, the red and black of it all, so are the trades involving them – keep a watchful eye on incomes and expenditures, purchases and sales among other things and you could shortly find yourself investing profits turned from RBS binary options trading in other longstanding financial institutions.