Some folks have great ideas that come to them from out of the blue; others work hard to develop ideas into something they can market or sell, and some men, well, they just happen to dig up a treasure of sorts that helps them develop a billion dollar corporation that controls many global markets.

The Rio Tinto group certainly qualifies for the latter category, and trading in in Rio Tinto Group binary options might very well be your way of digging up success as a trader.

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Established in 1873 by a group of investors, the Rio Tinto group was formed to mine the Rio Tinto River in Spain, the area was rich in many minerals and had mining operations in one form or another as early as 3000 B.C, the Spanish government decided to sell the location to maximize profits as a means of reducing its deficit at that time.

Rio Tinto began developing advanced techniques to assist in maximizing the profits from the mine, and for its first few decades in existence did not really seek to expand, instead focusing on the potential of the mine, which initially was a wise decision making it the largest copper mine in the world for almost 15 years.

Success continued until World War 1 effectively shut off the US market to imports of most European kinds, causing a decline in profitability, which changed around 1926, when new management came to power and decried that the company should begin diversifying itself and develop other avenues of investment as well as new locations to be mined, with the first such location being in Rhodesia (which later became Zimbabwe), operations there started in 1929.

The Rhodesia mine quickly grew and became a source of great importance to the company as events in Europe (World War 2 and Franco’s regime in Spain) made the Rio Tinto location ever more difficult to maintain, Rio Tinto began seeking other avenues of development and merged with Consolidated Zinc, an Australian firm in order to develop its interests in Australia which was extremely mineral rich.

Through various other mergers and acquisitions, Australia quickly became Rio Tinto’s main avenue of success and operations; however, the company operates multiple mines and refineries throughout the world, with another major base of operations being located in Canada.

In its present form, the Rio Tinto Group operates bases all over the globe and mines for many minerals and items of interests, from copper & zinc to salt, Uranium and gold, it has yearly revenues in excess of $50 billion and net profits over $3.5 billion, it also employs over 60,000 people worldwide and is currently listed in the UK, Australian and US stock markets where it is widely recognized as the 4th largest mining company in the world, with market capitalization of over $130 billion.

The future looks relatively bright for Rio Tinto, as it is currently operating, either alone or in cooperation with other firms many mining operations, as well as exploratory operations to discover new sources of material, most notably in China, where it is heavily involved in efforts to discover and develop new sources of copper.

Make sure you note the success and failure of any of Rio Tinto’s mining operations, as they might very well be the biggest contributor to the rise or decline of Rio Tinto Binary option prices and with them, your future investment!