When you trade in binary options it can sometimes feel like you’re sick, and in need of a cure, within the world of binary options the cure is quite simple – profits, they seem to work wonder on whatever may be the problem, quick and easy.

Sound like an easy solution, right? But what if you happen to be sick in the real world? Where profits aren’t enough to cure you, what are you to do in that case?

Luckily for you, we live in world where medicine is readily available for everything that may ale you, and if you’ve ever taken medicine for anything from a cough to allergies, it might very well have been produced by pharmaceutical giant ROCHE.

Established in the late 19th century, Hoffmann-Roche (which is still its full name these days) was primarily known for producing a variety of vitamins and their derivatives, and it remained within that field for a great deal of its first 40 years in existence, Roche was the first company to produce a synthetic vitamin C supplement among its achievements.

Following World War 2 Roche began to invest heavily in research and development of other chemicals for a variety of illnesses, within a couple of decades they had managed to either manufacture or stumble upon an entirely new class of tranquilizers, anti-depressants, and others.

With a few decades of research under its belt, Roche has moved on to tackling some of the more major illnesses haunting the planet, they have manufactured or aided in the manufacturing of several drugs aimed at slowing down or outright curing cancer, HIV and others, aiding in the reception of transplanted organs and many more illnesses.

But let’s not kid ourselves for a single second, Roche is not donating all of these discoveries and drugs, this is after all a multi-billion dollar a year company, and it has gotten to be so big through a series of purchases, mergers and sometimes even indecent market practices, Roche however, does make yearly donations to many countries and organizations, mostly in poverty stricken regions where severe illnesses often strike harder.

Roche often issues patents on every drug it makes, as is customary in the pharmaceutical industry, and it either makes the only version of the drug, which enables to charge a premium price for it, or it allows other companies to manufacture the drug for a premium fee or percentage of earnings.

Some of those practices have gotten it in trouble with both the US and European supervisory bodies, in 1999 Roche pled guilty and paid a $500 million fine for fixing the prices of certain vitamins and food supplements, but while other cases are either still pending or have not been proven outright, Roche is often accused of price fixing or gauging.

Since Roche engages primarily in a single area, it makes life a little easier for you as a binary options trader, your focus when looking into making an investment or forming a strategy should be primarily on the company itself, considering its earnings reports and other internal matters, potential mergers or purchases will also have an impact on prices, but you should also keep an eye out on global medical news and conditions, as morbid as it may sound, global or regional outbreaks of anything from flu to Ebola is very likely to have an impact on Roche’s prices.

So if you’re interested in trading a pharmaceutical company’s binary options look no further than Roche, it is sure to have a healing effect on your profits.