When does big become too big?

Is it when a company reaches revenue of over $320 billion a year? Net income of over $30 billion? Over 400,000 employees worldwide?

As a binary options trader, you may find it interesting to note that Samsung can “check” all 3 boxes with relative ease, simply put, the Korean giant has become a brand known all over the world, we’d like to say that we can name all the areas in which Samsung dabbles but we would either run out of space, or you would simply run out of patience to listen to the ever expanding list.

Established in 1937, Samsung might be one of the premier examples in the world for the meaning of the word “conglomerate”, and in this case, bigger is without a doubt better, specifically if you intend to invest in Samsung binary options.

Initially a small trading company with a specialty in groceries, Samsung used the Korean War and difficulties that followed it to diversify into a variety of areas, from insurance through construction all the way to electronics.

The electronics division or sub-conglomerate if you would eventually turn out to be perhaps the single greatest instrument in making Samsung into the household name it is today, no matter where in the world you happen to be.

The very first electronics product built by Samsung was a black and white television set, which might be very symbolic, as decades later the company became the first to mass produce LCD displays for use as computer screens and televisions, but between the two points in time, Samsung also became a force to be reckoned with in the computer industry, more specifically, memory chips and semi-conductors, it opened research and production facilities in multiple countries, from Portugal, England and the US to Japan, the Austin, Texas plant is especially famous as it represents one of the largest R&D centers in the western hemisphere and many innovations have resulted from research done at that location.

Samsung’s telecommunications operation, which first became a focus for the company in the early 80’s is now responsible for being perhaps the largest growth engine in the last few years as it produces most of Samsung’s mobile products, which have become world-wide bestsellers.

Samsung however, does not seem to be content with its share of various markets, be it mobile devices or televisions, the Samsung electronics division is by far the company with the highest percentage of income devoted to advertising, as recently as 2012 they spent over %5 of their income on world-wide advertising, compared to only %3.5 by general motors and a paltry %0.6 by Apple, this would seem to signal that at least in Samsung’s eyes, this kind of “big” is just not quite “big” enough…

With its fingers in so many different pies at any given time it can be a little difficult to point out exactly what areas one should be on the lookout for when investing in Samsung binary options, but perhaps the most prudent way would be to track the earnings of its biggest division and use it as a marker of sorts for the rest of the company, you might also try keeping track of the overall market demands for Samsung’s most popular products such as phones, tablets and TV’s, as changes in sales (current or future) will also likely impact prices.

Invest smartly in Samsung binary options and you could soon be facing the same question we asked early on – just how big is “too big”?