One man’s trash is another man’s gold.

We’ve all heard this saying before, mostly from our parents at one time or another, and while most of us can plainly see its applications for life in general, we’ll bet that you have not taken the time to consider its application within the business world, after all, most businesses take a long time to consider profitability and probability of success to the degree that most things you find in business garbage might actually belong there – it is quite rare to find a million dollar idea laying in a heap of 20 cent ideas.

SAP is probably one of the better examples of a discarded idea that has been turned into a million (or in this case $16 billion a year) idea, and if you’re thinking of investing in SAP binary options, well, that might well be your million dollar idea, and we can assure you of at least one fact – it is not garbage.

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In the early 70’s 5 IBM engineers were working on an IBM version of software that was sold to that company by Xerox, but they were told within a couple of months to drop that project altogether, as it was no longer needed.

The engineers felt quite strongly about the project and its potential, so they decided that instead of abandoning it, they would abandon their workplace and continue on with development.

In 1973 they launched SAP R/98 which was a multi-level system for storing, updating and maintaining of a wide variety of data, but its primary application at that time was for non-mechanical punch cards and time keeping applications, which up to that point had been almost entirely mechanical, technology allowing for localized data storage and database creation greatly simplified the punch card/time keeping procedure that had been in place for decades prior to that point.

Subsequent versions of the software greatly improved upon its abilities while adding applications, turning SAP into nearly indispensable software for nearly every business.

By 1988 SAP was listed on both the Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges, and by 1995 it had been added to the DAX, Germany’s main stock index.

In its present form SAP is officially the world’s largest software provider for businesses and 3rd largest software provider overall, operating in every corner of the globe, employing nearly 70,000 people and developing over a dozen main products and a multitude of other applications and individually suited software for businesses of various size from a wide range of industries.

It would be tempting to say that trading SAP binary options is merely about tracking their income and acting accordingly, but you should really also keep in mind that a company of SAP’s size can allow itself to take on some losses on a temporary base, if they invest elsewhere, and that investment pays off in the long run, for example, they can take a yearly loss due to increased R&D expenditure, but if that expenditure brings about a system that is in greater demand, well, in the long term, there will be profits abound.

So keep in mind that SAP is a giant, which may be at times slow to react, but investing smartly in it can reward you greatly as it squashes the competition around it with ease.