At TickTackTrade you have the freedom to invest while we make certain that all of your information – personal and financial alike, remains secure.

We understand that many people have legitimate concerns about internet crimes such as identity theft other types of online fraud, not to mention the security of their funds online.

We at TickTackTrade we make our client’s information and funds the most important thing to protect, allowing you some peace of mind and the knowledge that all the necessary precautions have been taken to protect the most important thing – your privacy.

When you open an account with TickTackTrade you will automatically receive an email with your username and password. we advise you to change your password immediately after logging in for the first time, to further insure information security.

You should also know that Our entire platform uses SSL security – contributing a further layer of encryption to your safety.

TickTackTrade is fully committed to keeping our systems and measures updated with the best security solutions and protocols available, so you never need to worry about where your information is kept, always knowing that at least on our end its under the best of locks & keys.