It turns out that the collapse of decade’s long ruling parties, the dissolve of entire blocks of nations and the decline of an entire socioeconomic system can, from time to time, have its upside…

We’re not saying the fall of communism in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s was not without its issues or problems but there are some people and companies that managed to take a bad situation and turn it into something beneficial, at least for them, and if you trade Severstal binary options you can probably join a group of people to profit off of this Russian steel giant.

The Kola Peninsula is situated in north-western Russia, and despite being settled thousands of years ago it remained relatively sparse in population because of difficult conditions that prevent most kinds of agriculture, this remained true until the early part of the 20th century when the discovery of several minerals and other deposits in the area, the most notable discoveries were those of coal and iron ore which made real the dream of turning the area into a more industrialized and central one.

Despite the fact that Iron ore and coal were discovered in the early 1930’s, the 2nd World War delayed the much needed development of the industry, but the first steel mill was finally built, and went into operation in 1955, the mill was wholly owned by the government, and remained so until a 1993 decision by then president Yeltsin to turn the entire complex into a public company.

The resulting company was named Severstal and within a year of the company going public the majority of shares had been bought out by Alexei Mordashov, who became the company’s president, CEO and majority stock holder by 1996, Under Mordashov the company’s expansion was very swift, he moved to buy several smaller mining companies in Russia and eastern Europe and developed business interests elsewhere across the globe, including mining facilities in countries ranging from Kazakhstan to France and the US, using those investments to supply the raw material needs of the Russian side of the Severstal conglomerate.

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The company now operates across the globe, and in Russia it is the largest producer and seller of steel, it also employs over 70,000 in various locations and its yearly revenue exceeds $14 billion.

Trading in Severstal binary options should take into account a few factors, factors that can and often do affect the stock’s direction.

You should probably begin by considering the predictable sales figures, changes in income will have a very speedy impact on prices, secondly, you will likely want to take into account the fact that Severstal imports its fair share of materials for use in Russian locations, so costs of those materials and added shipping will also find their way to appear in the stock, Lastly, a relatively new development is the political position of Russia, as it concerns the rest of the western world, until the situation is resolved, one must assume that Severstal will face difficulties similar to those of other Russian companies when attempting to export its goods, and when a company cannot sell its product, it very quickly turns into a problem.

Trading in Severstal binary options does not require nerves of steel, just a well-timed investment, and you can be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time.