It normally seems as if western eyes have a very strong perception of China as being a very closed off, restricted nearly “backwards” neck of the world, but in more cases than one might predict that estimation is based entirely in fiction. Yes the country and its citizens often face quite a few restrictions on what we often take for granted, most notably – personal freedoms, however, that does not mean the country is lagging in any sense of the word, as evidenced by a great variety of companies making giant leaps into the Chinese and international markets, with Sina Corp being one of the leaders of that charge, but can it lead your next binary options investment to success?

A potential market of over 1 billion users is more than enough to send most hi-tech executives into a salivating frenzy, which is perhaps the biggest contributing factor to the success of Sina corp – this online media company offers a host of services for Chinese individuals and communities, and while the vast majority of its users originate in China, it does have a global presence, with many users coming from all over the world to use one (or more) of the host of services the company offers.

The company’s verified user data is somewhat difficult to access, but it strongly maintains that it is rapidly approaching the nearly unfathomable level of 100 million registered users, with nearly 10 million of those accounts being paid subscriptions, other services that fall under Sina’s umbrella have even greater user numbers, such as its “Sina Weibo” site, which is essentially a Chinese version of twitter now claims to have over 200 million registered users, with other such services also gaining strength on a daily basis.

Despite being established in early 1999, Sina Corp made such a great splash upon entering the Chinese market that it was able to go public within a single year of its founding, becoming one of the first (if not the actual trailblazer) Chinese tech companies to have an approved listing on the NASDAQ index.

Like most Internet based companies, Sina Corp has had to deal with its fair share of controversy regarding the role of the Chinese government in censoring some if its content, a difficulty that is still ongoing, and does not seem to have any resolution forthcoming.

But even with some of its content being monitored and/or censored, Sina Corp has made, and continues to make an impact on everyday living in China and Chinese communities throughout the world and it can make quite a bit of difference in your life as a binary options trader if you monitor it closely.

The bottom line is always the determining factor in which direction a stock takes, but internet companies also tend to look quite closely at factors such as traffic, user signups and advertising revenue, all of which are simply smaller factors that go into the make-up of the grand “bottom line”, so keeping track of such data could not possibly be a bad thing for you, as a trader considering an investment in Sina Corp binary options – part of the Chinese “new wave”, and quite possibly just the wave to take you to greater success.