One of the major kinds of grain used all over the world originated from a single region and has since taken over an ever growing area previously dedicated to wheat, corn and rice, its uses are greatly varied and growth is limited to a relative few areas making for great profit for those nations that are capable of exporting it in quantities.

Like a number of other kinds of grain, trading in Soy Beans binary options is almost entirely a matter of supply and demand, but as growth is more limited and demand for certain soy based products has been increasing gradually, especially within the food industry, it stands to reason that growth will continue to climb and costs increase which can always play into your hands.

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It would seem that use of soy beans predates even the earliest written word in China, making it 5000 years old at the very least since soy beans were first cultivated for human use and possibly, more than that.

For centuries and perhaps millennia, the growth of soy beans was limited to China, but it gradually began to be traded with Korea and japan, there is evidence of Tofu (which is a byproduct of soy beans) being consumed as early as 220 A.D making that particular food alone about 2000 years old.

Introduced to North America in the late 18th century by sea trade routes from China and Japan Soy beans were used primarily as animal food for over a century until researchers began discovering the potential health benefits that came with the consumption of soy based foods.

In the 20th century various soy products began being developed, from soy milk and ice-cream all the way to having soy-bean parts in ford built automobiles (or to be exact – soy-bean flour mixed with other adhesives), the grain was becoming ever more popular as its applications grew and relative ease of growth within the US became transparent.

The US remains the largest manufacturer of soy beans and most ironically, its biggest customer by a substantial margin is China, where the beans originated from in the first place.

In recent years soy beans and various by-products have become increasingly more popular as it was discovered that they have the best and most complete protein type found outside meats and other animal products, as the world movement towards healthier and more humane products increases and the vegetarian/vegan movement increases in scale soy becomes a more important nutritional supplement part for people who maintain that kind of diet.

Soy has also been recognized as being able to reduce the risk of certain illnesses and conditions due to its make-up – from heart disease to diminished odds for certain types of cancer and inflammation.

But before you jump headlong into soy beans binary trading, you may want to consider the potential down side of it: Genetically modified beans have become popular over past 20 years or so, and use has multiplied over 1000% in those years, but while health organizations have given their stamp of approval some in the public remain skeptical and pro-natural beans which are harder to grow and yield a less sizable crop.

In addition, the world’s 2nd largest producer – Brazil has come under increasing pressure to decrease the areas it allows soy farmers to grow in, as those areas have constantly crept into the vast amazon rain forest and might well be causing damage to that priceless eco-system.

So if we assume that the demand for soy beans remains high or even increases, you might want to pay attention to the other side of the equation and mind the supply part of the chain, do so intelligently and soy beans could be the reason your binary option crop has gone so well this year.