Stocks are perhaps the most varied group of binary options one can trade; they represent companies with a multitude of interests, in a variety of industries and with any number of sizes and countries of origin, as you can expect with such great diversity of options lies a small difficulty in trading binary options for stocks – there simply is no easy way to describe them as a group, so the intelligent trader should insure an understanding of a specific company and industry it represents to help avoid any pitfalls.

Google, Intel, Apple, Microsoft and others are computer/internet related stocks, whereas BMW, Boeing & Sony produce anything from jet engines to TV’s and Exxon Mobil, Gazprom and BP represent stocks with an interest in natural and chemical resources, and the list is quite a ways longer…

As you can plainly see, due to the great variance in fields, it would be hard to keep track of a number of stocks, however, the main issue of importance is for one to keep track of the company who’s options you wish to trade, look into financial reports, investments, purchases or sales as all of those factors can have an influence on the direction the stock takes and your option with it.

Position yourself smartly, and your stock too will rise.

AmazonFrom an online book store to an online mega-giant with massive branches all over the globe, trading in Amazon binary options can lead you to profits.

AppleA computing and mobile giant, Apple is one of the most recognizable brands and also one of the best regarded ones, trading in Apple binary options can lead to your recognition and success.

Facebook1 Billion users all over the globe make Facebook a consumer powerhouse, trading in facebook binary options will likely have you winning many new friends.

GoogleFrom online searches to mobile phones and many more avenues, Google indeed a tech giant,  trade in its binary options and you may need to google bigger banks.
If you consider it very young or quite old does not matter, you should only consider it the largest bank in the world, as such, trading binary options on it is quite in demand.

IBMOver a century old, this computing giant has made advances in many fields, and if you invest smartly in binary options on it you could too.

IntelInside most of our computers usually lies at least one item created by Intel, since the world seems to want more computers constantly, you should consider a tarde or two on Intel.

MicrosoftPossibly the name with the biggest impact on the modern home computer, Microsoft continues to dominate to this day, you should  be a part of that domination.

Mitsubishi – A well established group of Japanese companies that have banded into one massive corporation, an understanding of Mitsubishi binary options may have an impact on your life.

Twitter140 characters or less is what Twitter is all about. One of the biggest and strongest social media platforms is an exciting option for your trading.

AllianzPlay your cards right and this insurance giant may need to insure your profits in a hurry.

AdidasYou can’t avoid the fact that trading successfully in Adidas options will have you running towards financial gains.

Alibaba The company and its success is quite real, trade it right and your profits will be legendary.

BMWMakers of great automobiles and engines, BMW could be what drives you to success as a trader!

BoeingTrading in Binary options on this engine and plane manufacturer can only help your profits rise sky-high.

BPYou don’t have to dig deep for profits when trading BP binary options, invest smartly and you might win.

BSkyBUK’s broadcasting giant provides the country most of its football content, it can also provide you with great profits.

CitigroupIt has bounced back quite nicely from the recent global financial crisis, your investments can do the same if you trade Citigroup binary options.

Deutsche BankDiversity in assets, a recovering financial structure and a bright future, Deutsche Bank is one binary option you can benefit from.

3MIf you invest in 3M binary options, people might need to get sand paper to file away your smile.

Deutsche TelekomA massive communications company with bases in Europe as well as the US, DT could be your gateway to more profits.

EbayYou don’t need a bidding war to realize that this is a smart investment which you can profit from.

Exxon Mobil  From a large monopoly to 30 small companies all the way back to a monopoly again, Exxon Mobil is the way to go if you’re seeking a smart investment.

 GazpromThe largest supplier of gas in the world is no joke, and neither will your profits be if you invest in it.

BB&TThis Southern US financial institute isn’t only about biscuits & gravy, it’s also a place for making profits.

NikeGo on, Trade in Nike Binary options…Just Do it!

RocheTrading in the binary options of this pharmaceutical giant will surely have a healing effect on your finances.

SiemensTrading in Siemens binary options can be the engine your investments need.

Sony – You don’t have to invent anything, investing smartly in this technology giant is not a game, it can be very profitable.

Visa – A simple way to avoid any credit card debt would be to invest in Visa binary options.

SanDisk – There’s no patent to this – invest in SanDisk binary options and you may need to store your riches somewhere.

Lufthansa – Invest smartly in binary options of this German airline and your profits will soar.

FedEx – Feel free to use one day express services to inform everyone of your binary options success with this courier.

Home Depot – Supersize your profits with an investment on this home improvement giant.

Coca Cola – A Binary options investment on the beverage giant can be sweet and is likely to cause your profits to bubble.

JP Morgan Chase – Avoiding an investment on this banking giant can be scandalous.

Best Buy – We won’t go as far as saying the their Binary options are the “best buy”, but they are a solid investment.

LinkedIn – Use Your LinkedIn connections to spread the word on your recent successful investment in binary options.

Caterpillar – A good investment in Caterpillar binary options can lay the groundwork to success.

Cisco – Use Cisco’s technology to successfully make binary options trades, then use it to spread the word!

Volkswagen – Put your binary options knowledge in gear, and drive away with profits on Volkswagen trades.

Pepsi – This beverage manufacturer can easily quench your thirst for binary option profits.

Capital One – A wise investment on CapitalOne binary options won’t leave a lot to be desired, unlike the bank’s reputation.

Htc – Use your HTC device to stay in touch with your binary options broker for yet more profits!

Samsung – This Korean industry giant can help your profits soar to new heights.

Colgate Plamolive – Keep your smile shining bright with Colgate-Palmolive binary options success.

Electronic Arts – Imagination is what EA bases it success on, but your profits will be anything but Imaginary if you invest smartly in it.

Fiat – Successfully invest in Fiat Binary options and you could drive off into the sunset with a smile on your face.

Chipotle – Play your cards right and you can quickly have a stomach full of Chipotle profits.

Eli Lilly – We hope you never require one of the Lilly’s pharmaceuticals to help with the pain of too much profit.

MasterCard – A smart investment in MasterCard binary options could be the key to using the card for much more in the future.

Blackrock – Investing in this financial behemoth could lead you to a future that is anything but black.

Rio Tinto – Digging for treasure or mining for gold is too hard, just trade Rio Tinto Binary options!

Konami – Konami binary options are not a game, but trading them well can give you some extra change to spend at a Casino!

Vodaphone – Trade smartly in Vodaphone Binary options and your laughter will carry over all mobile networks.

Morgan Stanley –  Instead of investment banking, invest in your future with Morgan Stanley Binary options.

Time Warner – The time is now as far as Time warner binary options and profit go.

Rosneft – don’t dig for oil, dig for information about Rosneft binary options, less mess, greater profits.

US Steel – Strike while the steel is still hot and trade in US Steel binary options now.

Yahoo! – Giant or dwarf, whichever you believe to be true you can profit by trading Yahoo! binary options.

Aviva – You might need Aviva life insurance after seeing the things a good investment can do for you!

UBS – If there’s one thing you can bank on its the fact that a binary options investment in UBS can do wonders for you!

Bayer AG – There’s nothing quite like success – it’s virtually a drug…successfully trading in Bayer AG binary options could have the same impact.

Beiersdorf – Join in over a century of success, profits can be very soothing for the soul, like creams can be for your skin.

Daimler – Drive yourself towards success with smart trading on Daimler AG binary options!

Baidu – Search no more, the road to binary options success may pass through Baidu.

Infineon – Trade Infineon binary options well enough and you’ll need one of their memory chips to remember a time before profits.

SAP – It’s software might not have all the solutions you’ll need, but investing smartly in SAP may bring about the answer to the question of : “what’s a good binary option to invest in?”

RBS – Beating your competition is always great, in Scottish banking as it is in binary options trading.

Tesla – Build your own successful future with a smart investment on Tesla motors, it will be sure to run smoothly!

Acer – Smartly investing in ACER binary options will provide you ample time to compute your possible profits.

Hyundai – Building your portfolio takes solid binary options investment, as solid as the concrete Hyundai originally provided.

ABB – don’t let the power of a successful ABB binary options investment go to your head.

Lukoil – If you invest smartly in Lukoil binary options you can avoid the need to dig around elsewhere for profits.

Kepco – investing smartly in Kepco binary options can power you towards success!

IDFC – A smart investment in IDFC binary options can be the groundwork to a profitable future.

Bharti Airtel – A communications giant in the world’s 2nd largest country can’t possibly be a bad binary options investment.

Merck – Can a centuries old company be the answer to your financial woes? Invest in Merck binary options and find out.

Infosys – This Indian provider of various computing services could possibly provide you with the chance for great profits.

Manchester united – Manchester United are always at the top of their game, are you on top of your trading game?

Juventus – This “old lady” still has a lot to offer, both on the football pitch and as a binary option for you to trade.

Ajax – The premier Dutch football club can offer you great rewards for a smartly played investment.

Borussia Dortmund – A leading team in German Football moves like a well-oiled machine, trade on their binary options and your portfolio can do the same.

A.S Roma – This Italian club may have been formed as a reluctant union, but you should not be reluctant to invest in its success.

BHP Billiton – Dig as much as you want, you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason not to invest in this mining giant.

Petrobras  – Sometimes, losing your monopoly on something can be good, just ask Petrobras, or better yet, Invest in it and see for yourself.

State Bank Of India  – One Billion potential customers stand behind the largest bank in India, and where do you stand on investing in SBI binary options?

Sina Corp  – Part of the New wave of Chinese Internet companies can breathe new life into your binary options portfolio.

ThyssenKrupp – When you trade binary options you often need nerves of steel, ThyssenKrupp can take care of that for you!

Severstal – Trade with nerves of steel and your investment in Severstal binary options may very well pay off!

ING Group – We can’t insure investments, but investing smartly in ING Group binary options may lessen that need anyway.

Ulta Salon – A smart investment in Ulta Salon binary options can be a thing of beauty.

Sberbank – This Russian banking giant’s current status allows you the rare chance to turn a profit no matter the direction its stock happens to take.

UniCredit –  A merger of an ancient Italian bank, with a very successful German banking group has resulted in the creation of the company that can do great things for your portfolio.

Fossil – Don’t be a financial fossil, trade Fossil Inc. Binary options and stick with the latest fashion.

Virgin America – A smart investment in Virgin America binary options can be the wind beneath your portfolio’s wings.

Lending Club – you don’t need to reinvent the financial wheel like they did, just trade Lending club binary options and you could already be on your way to a better future.

Coal India – Be mindful of the market and Coal India binary options may heat up your portfolio for a long time to come

Vale S.A – Mining the Amazon with Vale S.A can lead to many things, one of those being a sudden growth in your portfolio’s size.

ZTE Corporation – Smartly trading in ZTE binary options can lead to your portfolio becoming as big as the Chinese telecom giant.

EADS – Trade smartly in EADS binary options and your portfolio could be taking off along with it.

Fenebahce  – A Turkish sporting giant can be your ticket to massive profits, will that be enough to turn you into a fan?

Galatasaray – To join this highly successful Turkish giant one needs to have a great history at something, perhaps binary options trading can be your way in?

DLF Limited – Trade with DLF binary options with some care, and you can avoid having your portfolio collapsing like a house of cards

Commerzbank – German efficiency is your ticket to profits, trade Commerzbank binary options and you can share in payments as punctual as Germany’s train system…

Norilsk Nickel  – Make certain you keep watch over Norilsk Nickel’s indicators and you could strike gold, instead of having your portfolio freeze in the Russian tundra.

Luxottica – Smartly trading in Luxottica binary options will lead you to needing some sunglasses to help shield your eyes from such a bright future.

Reliance Industries – with binary options you can start out small and become as big as this Indian industry giant.

Tata Consultancy – Successfully trading in TCS binary options may rid you of the need for any more technical consultations…

Industrial Bank – A savvy investment in this Chinese bank’s binary options could be your ticket to freedom, financial one at least.

Finmeccanica – Born of a national need, Finmeccanica can be your way to a brighter financial portfolio and greater profits.