There is a wide variety of opinions about the actual time it may take, but nearly the entire scientific community agrees on one simple fact – resources on earth are growing thin, with some due to run out in a matter of years and others – a few decades, no one is contending the fact that one of the biggest needs humanity currently faces is the needs for renewable energy, not only to decrease dependency on fuels and resources but also in an effort to decrease pollution.

One of the biggest contributing factors to pollution, and one of the biggest factors behind the need to find alternative fuels is the automotive industry, and currently, the most promising direction that industry has is electrical cars and engines, so it should be no shock that any company leading that charge should be in a position to profit greatly when the technology becomes more viable for public consumption, much in the same way you can profit by being ahead of the curve and trading Tesla Motors binary options when the time is right.

Tesla motors is a rather young company but has an impressive array of investors and managers behind it, chief among them being Elon Musk. The company’s mission statement was turning electrical cars into a commercially viable enterprise, and while as of this writing their success has been partial, at best, they are making strides in what seems to be a solid direction.

Since being established in 2003 the company has raised over $250 million from various investors and an additional $465 million in loans from the US government to help develop its technology further, the company’s IPO in 2010 raised another $226 million to that end.

Those efforts and finances have produced moderate success, with 2014 sales figures coming in at roughly 33,000 units, which is a handsome amount, and has allowed the company to achieve profitability after a couple of rough years.

Tesla’s sales strategy was heavily influenced by other tech related companies; they began marketing their first product to a rather elite crowd with a US price tag just shy of $110,000, with the next model costing just under $60,000, Tesla’s next model, due around 2017 is being built to be far more affordable and should be priced around $30,000 making a working electric car fully affordable for the first time, the question now remains – will the public adopt this technology, or does it still need to bear more fruit before becoming worthwhile?

In addition to making actual car models, Tesla motors also develops and partners in developing electric engine technologies with other companies within the auto industry, with the main focus on battery technology and engine cost effectiveness.

The sheer potential of Tesla’s technology can be gleamed by having just a peek at the list of companies that have invested in it or partnered with it to develop future technologies – Daimler AG (makers of Mercedes benz), Toyota and Panasonic, to name but a few.

Because Tesla’s technology is not yet widespread globally, and has yet to full catch on, it can be difficult to determine how you should approach an investment in Tesla motors binary options, but unless the technology soars in the immediate future, you would probably be best served by dividing your attention between profits vs. investments, sales figures and success or failure of the company to raise awareness to itself by securing contracts and new partners to its endeavors.

Invest smartly in Tesla motors, and you could be going places, without harming your environment!

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